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Gramercy Hair Salon

Hair Extensions Do’s and Don’ts

Hair extensions can add instant length and volume to your hair and can completely transform your look. Whether you are going all out for a glamorous new hairstyle, adding in a few different colors for a glamorous event or simply wanting the thicken up your existing hair, extensions can add everything you need and then some.

Extensions allow you to switch up a bob into long flowing locks in a fraction of the time it would take to grow your hair out. Whether you opt for temporary clip-ins or choose to invest in more permanent pieces, extensions can look amazing when perfectly color blended and professionally fitted.

If you are thinking of investing in extensions this season, follow our advice on how to keep them looking natural and in excellent condition for as long as possible.

DO have them professionally fitted

Unless you only want to wear clip-ins on an occasional basis, longer lasting hair pieces will remain fixed to your hair until the bonds grow out or become loose.  While your neighbor or best friend may claim to be able to give you a full set of extensions for free, chances are they will look obvious and not look last past the first wash.

If you want awesome extensions, you will need to pay salon prices.  Sure, this is a big investment that can run into hundreds of dollars, but if you want super soft, natural-looking extensions that perfectly match your hair, they will be worth every last cent in the long run.

DO learn how to properly look after them

Having spent all that money on having them fitted, your extensions will need to be treated with plenty of TLC to keep them looking good. Find salon quality shampoos that are designed to be used with extensions, and go easy with the hairbrush.  While modern-day extensions are designed to blend in seamlessly with your natural hair and be strong enough to withstand styling, the kinder you are to your new hair, the longer it will last you. Most extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks, so ensure you get the most of your investment by using products, stylers, and brushes that are designed to be gentle on them.

DO enjoy them

Good quality extensions are designed to be enjoyed.  You can style them, wear them up or down, and generally show off your new bouncy, vibrant locks as often as possible.  You can even use heated stylers on them but be sure to check out with your stylist first as to what kind of extensions you have had fitted – natural hair or synthetic – and therefore what kind of appliances you can use on them. If you do choose to roll out the flat iron or the heated rollers, remember that they can burn the extensions too, so only use them occasionally and carefully.

DON’T go mad with products

Less is more when you have hair extensions.  Using too many oily products or moisturizers will break down the bonds of the extensions, and they may start to come out or slip down the hair shafts far sooner than they would naturally.

DON’T forget to rinse your hair with cool water after washing

A nice cool blast with cold water before you finish in the shower, will help to keep your bonds nice tight, to once again prevent premature failures of the bonds or loss of hair.

DON’T itch!

OK so this may sound a little crazy, but when you first get a new set of extensions they can feel a little itchy for a short while.  They can also start to irritate a little when they need a wash.  Don’t start scratching like a crazy person, give them a gentle wash or go back and see your hair stylist to make sure the bonds are tidy, and everything is A-Okay!

Extensions from Gramercy Hair Salon

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