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Gramercy Hair Salon

Hair Style Trends Making Waves this Summer

Summer is a prime time for people to change their hair style. That’s especially true when the heat and humidity of summer returns to South Florida. Summer hair styles should be functional and stylish. However, individuals aren’t necessarily trading in their long locks for a shorter style. The following are some of the most popular trends of 2023.

Balloon Ponytail

It’s created by using hair ties at regular intervals in a high ponytail and fluffing each segment. It’s a favorite of Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, wife of singer, Nick Jonas.

Beachy Waves

The style continues to be popular. The actress Zendaya is a fan of the hair style. While it’s not necessarily short, it can be worn loose and flowing and has the advantage of being long enough to be worn in an up do if desired.

Curly Updo

Kinky and curly hair is being piled on the head for a sophisticated and elegant look that allows cooling breezes to tease the nape of the neck.

French Braid

While a French Braid isn’t new, it’s being seen with increasing frequency, especially when coiled on top of the head or in a bun. Actress Tiffany Haddish is often observed wearing a French braid in a low bun.

Side Part

Side parts disappeared for a while, but they’re back. Hair can be parted on either side and changed at will. It’s a subtle alteration, but will catch attention, and can be utilized in hair of any length.

Single Braid

A single braid down the back gets hair off the neck. Actress Kristin Bell is partial to the style as it sets low on the neck and facilitates wearing a hat to protect from summer’s harsh rays.

Space Buns

These are reminiscent of actress Carrie Fisher’s buns in the Star Wars franchise. Instead of on the side, space buns are worn higher toward the crown and further back than Fisher’s. It’s a go-to for socialite, Kylie Jenner.

Wet Look

Actress Jennifer Lopez is a master of the wet look. The style is best on short or shoulder length. With the use of pomade, it makes individuals look as if they’ve just stepped from the ocean after a refreshing dip.

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