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What Happens to Your Hair When Using Drugstore Shampoos


Visit any health and beauty isle in any pharmacy or supermarket, and what you’ll find are shelves full of product selection. In fact, there’s plenty of shampoos and conditioners promising your hair will improve appearance, be younger, silkier and smoother to straightening your curls. So how do you know which are the best? In this week’s blog, we discuss a few things you should be aware of over-the-counter hair care products that might make you think twice.

Does Selling Shampoo Mean Marketing to Your Emotions?

While we don’t intend on doing any guerilla marketing here, we do believe that it’s important to point out some valid information when it comes to making your selections for health and beauty aids that focus on haircare. Because so many of these companies have stellar copywriters and advertising companies they understand how to weigh in on your emotions when it comes to consumer habits. Nonetheless, we all fall into the category of wanting to look our best. The descriptions make you almost salivate with desire believing everything they include on their labels. The fact of the matter is some products work while others are only enticing you with a false ability to perform.

Ingredients in Most Hair Care Products Can Be Damaging

When it comes to the hair product performing, you need to be aware of what these ingredients can do to your hair. For example, dimethicone and Sodium Laureth sulfates can be harsh and damaging, yet these are common additives found in most shampoos. Try to avoid these types of elements to achieve healthy and strong hair.

Wash Hair 2 Times Per Week

Next, consider how often they advise you to use the products. Most directions on the back of a shampoo or conditioner bottle are similar. Moreover, they instruct you to use their products daily. Most hair stylists will advise you to wash your hair 1-2 times per week as this is sufficient for almost every hair type.  If you buy more expensive shampoo that is of higher quality such as any of our Aveda Hair care line, your shampoo will last you longer as you only need to wash your hair twice per week. On days where you go to the gym, you can rinse and use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize without causing too much weighing down. Be wary of parabens which are used to prolong the life of the shampoo which is mostly for the scent.

Finally, if the shampoo lists it’s first to the second compound as alcohol or H2O you should be knowledgeable as the alcohol could damage your hair and the water is a waste of money.

In closing we hope you found this blog helpful and hope you consult with your stylist for the best products, living the Aveda lifestyle. Until next time….

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