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Gramercy Hair Salon

Healthy Hair Routine

Different types of hair require care routines that are specific to its needs. Discovering the right routine will ensure hair is shiny, sexy looking, and most of all healthy. However, considerable damage to hair can be done while searching for the optimal routine. Every healthy hair routine relies on a few basics. The following are some things to keep in mind.

Hair Type

Hair will land in one of four basic categories – straight, wavy, curly or kinky. Straight hair tends to lack volume, is usually thin, and will need heat protection when using hot styling tools. It tangles easily, attracts static, and can be greasy. Wavy hair tends toward frizzies, poufiness and tangles when wet. Air drying turns it into a mess and styling tools are almost always essential to tame it.

Curly hair is prone to breakage, thinning and frizzing, along with fly aways, split ends and dryness. Loss of shine can be a problem, in addition to too much volume. Kinky hair is susceptible to frizzing, breakage and shrinkage. Textured hair can become dry and dull with over washing, blow drying and towel drying, along with chemical processes and heated styling tools. Textured hair requires conditioner, and the right styling and detangling tools.


Thorough cleansing is essential to prevent build-up of hair products and dead skin cells that accumulate. Bear in mind that everyday washing isn’t necessary, depending upon the type of hair. The use of a clarifying shampoo once a month eliminates excess build-up.


Hydration is essential to healthy hair. It aids in reducing frizz, tangles and boosts the shininess factor. For coily hair and types that tend toward dryness, a product that hydrates and seals in moisture is beneficial for locking out dryness. A leave-in conditioner should also be considered.


Gentle detangling is a must to minimize breakage. Always use a wide-tooth comb. A detangling product isn’t just for wet hair – it’s equally effective on dry hair and can be used every day if necessary.


A heat protectant spray should always be used with hot styling tools. Reduce the heat settings on the devices to reduce overall damage.

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