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Gramercy Hair Salon

Holiday Hair Ornaments

There are a number of hair ornaments that you can utilize to dress up your holiday look. It’s especially important if you didn’t have time to have your hair done before any of the myriad parties and events you’ll be attending


The range of barrettes is truly amazing. You can choose from those encrusted with the look of pearls, diamonds and other precious gems in settings of gold, silver and platinum. They’re offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Velvet Bows

Popular as a hair ornament since the 17th century, they continue to provide a valuable accessory for every woman. Available in multiple colors and sizes, they can be worn on the side of the head or as a tie at the nape of the neck to complement any attire. You can also wear it at the crown for a gift wrap look.

Hair Ribbons

Once reserved for men during the 16th and early 17th centuries, hair ribbons continue to be a staple to ornament the hair. They’re offered as attachments on bobby pins and small combs. You can often find hair ribbons for the holiday season with snowflakes to tiny bells so you’ll jingle all the way.

Hair Clips

Great for when your hair is in an updo, they can quickly and easily dress up any style. They’re available in a myriad of styles to adorn your locks with flowers, lace and gem stones. They’re an excellent way to keep your hair contained and out of your face for holiday photos.


A reliable go-to, they can be found in sequined styles so you’ll sparkle and shine in festive fashion.


Feel like royalty with a holiday-themed crown or tiara that glitters like new fallen snow. They’re offered in designs featuring snowflake traditional diamond appearance.

For a truly yuletide look you can even select those with the appearance of fir boughs, holly berries and pine cones. They harken back to wreaths and celebrations of yesteryear for a distinctive statement.

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