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Gramercy Hair Salon

How Long do Extensions Last?

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance styles and hide problems. They add length to short hair, hide a bad haircut, provide dimension and volume, and they’re also an excellent way to include some color. They last varying lengths of time, depending upon what type of extensions are applied.

Permanent Extensions

These can last for up to three months and are worn continuously during that time. The extensions are added strand-by-strand, meaning individuals will be sitting in the salon chair for quite a while. They encompass micro bond and micro ring types. They’re the usual choice for individuals that are unhappy with the performance of their own hair.

The micro ring is the most popular as it utilizes very small rings to achieve the look and the method can be used multiple times. Invisible tape extensions can be utilized by anyone, but is especially beneficial for individuals with fine hair that want volume.


Between six and eight weeks is average for these. They include the newer tape-in variety. They’re typically smaller than clip-ins. Tape-ins are gaining in popularity since individuals can wear their hair up or keep it long and loose and the extensions remain virtually undetectable and natural-looking.


The temporary type includes clip-ins, weaves and wefts. They can be taken in and out at will on a daily or weekly basis. They’re an ideal way to change up a hair style for a special event or a weekend and have the added convenience of being easily applied and removed.

What to Know

Always choose 100% human hair extensions instead of synthetic. They’re more expensive but more cost-effective since they can be utilized for multiple refits. Human hair extensions are also best for styling needs. Synthetic extensions shouldn’t be heat-styled and are lighter in weight than authentic human hair – they won’t move in the same way as “real” hair. People that intend to use temporary extensions multiple times should also invest in human hair.

The length of time that extensions last will also depend on the treatment they receive. Be sure to ask and understand what the stylist says about keeping extensions clean and fresh. No one should ever attempt DIY hair extensions. It’s a job for professionals.

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