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Gramercy Hair Salon

How Long does a Blowout Last?

Blowouts are one of the most popular ways to get a great look that doesn’t require a lot of time. It creates volume, moisturizes, intensifies shine, and gives hair a luxurious glow. For many people, it’s become their go-to procedure prior to holidays and special events. A blowout will typically last for 3-5 days, depending upon the thickness and texture of the individual’s hair.

One of the great things about a blowout is that waves and curls can be achieved without the use of flat irons or curling wands. There are numerous types of blowouts ranging from basic to Brazilian and individuals will need to consult their stylist to determine the style in which they specialize. The good news is that there are several strategies that can be used to help a blowout last longer.

Moisture is the enemy of a blowout and keeping locks dry is essential. That means staying out of the rain and wearing a shower cap in the shower. In the humidity levels that typically affect Florida, an anti-humidity spray can be an indispensable aid for maintaining a blowout.

Perspiration is moisture too, and individuals will need to refrain from engaging in activities that make them sweat such as workouts. Using a satin pillowcase minimizes frizziness and is a good idea every day of the year. It can also be helpful to quickly blast hair roots with a blow dryer on low heat.

A blowout is a treat that makes individuals feel as good as they look. They make life considerably easier for people that need to look their best for any special occasion. There’s no best time to get a blowout and individuals can indulge themselves with some pampering anytime they’d like. Blowouts are also an option for men, along with those that have hair extensions.

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