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How Pregnancy Affects Your Hair

Pregnancy induces a variety of physical and mental changes in your body. Some of the changes that women notice most is in their hair. Hormones released during pregnancy can have a profound effect on all aspects of your locks.

The texture of your hair can change. Your hair will typically grow faster, be thicker, and you’ll experience less hair loss. Pregnancy hormones can also cause changes in your hair color that may or may not be permanent. It may become oilier or drier.

Unfortunately, some women have the opposite problem. Instead of less shedding, you could see increased hair loss, losing up to 300 strands per day. The hormone changes can also send your hair into a resting period known as telogen. It’s a normal phase in hair’s ordinary growth cycle and will resolve itself after birth.

Despite your best efforts to eat a healthy diet and faithfully taking doctor-prescribed vitamins, you may discover that you have a nutrient deficiency that can result in hair loss and shedding. Combined with pregnancy hormones, the shedding can be quite noticeable.

After the child arrives, the hormones that spurred your luxuriant hair growth will drop dramatically to their pre-pregnancy levels. You can experience postpartum shedding that seems excessive, but it’s not true hair loss and will grow back. Shedding can also occur after you stop breastfeeding.

You can do yourself a favor and consult with your salon specialist. Be sure to let him/her know that you’re pregnant. There are treatments to keep your hair looking great during pregnancy that are safe and don’t involve harsh chemicals.

You can even continue to color your hair during pregnancy. You have the option of regular coloring methods and your stylist can use specialized techniques to minimize absorption. Pregnancy brings about many changes in your locks, but there’s no reason you can’t look stylish as ever.

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