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Gramercy Hair Salon

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How to Choose a Hair Color

Stylists recommend choosing hair color that’s no more than 3 tones or shades away from a person’s natural hair color. Skin tones tend to become lighter as individuals age and their facial features have a tendency to become more prominent. The colors that people use at the age of 20 won’t necessarily be appropriate at the age of 30.

Gray Hair

Despite more individuals embracing their gray locks, the majority of people still want to camouflage it. For those that are 60 percent or more gray, use products for 100 percent coverage. Gray hair is coarser and it’s important to use products that moisturize.

New or Natural

The more natural the hair color, the easier the maintenance. Darker colors are good for covering a few gray hairs. If hair is 50 percent or more gray, lighter colors are flattering.


Hair color should complement skin tone. Cool complexions are those that are slightly pink or have some redness, along with olive or blue undertones. Cool complexions do best with neutral colors or ash. Skin tones in the peach to olive colored range, and those with gold or yellow undertones, are warm and do best with caramel, golden or mahogany.

Experts recommend looking at the wrist to determine complexion. People with purple or blue veins are most likely cool-toned. Green equals a warm complexion. Another way is eye color. Eyes with flecks of gold are warm-toned, while blues and greens are cool-toned. For those that are trying to emulate a celebrity look, individuals should choose personages with similar eye and skin tones as their own.

Ask a Colorist

A colorist will be able to ascertain an individual’s complexion tone, underlying hues, and the best colors that will complement a person’s age. The experts also have the expertise to recommend colors that will accentuate those tones, while minimizing unwanted attributes. It can be extremely difficult for individuals to assess their own skin tones, while colorists are professionals with experience.

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