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Gramercy Hair Salon

How to Lessen the Evil Effects of Humidity on Your Hair This Summer

Most of us will suffer from the evil effects of humidity at some point.  Watching carefully styled, poker straight hair transform into a big ball of frizz before your eyes can feel soul destroying and totally ruin your day.  If you don’t want to look like Monica from Friends as she touched down in Barbados, there are some great ways to keep the unwanted effects of hot, humid weather at bay this summer.

Why Does Humidity Effect Our Hair So Badly?

When it is humid outside, our hair responds badly to the amount of moisture in the air.  As the hair strands soak up the moisture around us, the core protein structure of our hair changes, causes it to bulge and buckle creating a wild and frizzy mane.

Your carefully styled hair will quickly lose shape and take on a completely new look when the moisture hits.  But, with the right products and a bit of preparation, you can help to alleviate the effects of humidity on your crowning glory using these top tips:

  1. Use A Keratin Conditioner

Most well-known hair care brands offer balms, serums and conditioning treatments that can easily be picked up at your local store. Conditioning products that contain Keratin, or silicone-based ingredients, will help to keep your hair hydrated to protect it from any additional moisture in the air around you.

  1. Apply an Anti-Frizz Preparation

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, add a frizz protecting serum to any areas of your hair that are prone to dryness or particularly fly away.  These types of preparations will help to make the hair less porous and not as susceptible to the effects of humidity, therefore helping it to retain its shape.

  1. Create Your Curls

If you have curly hair, one of the best ways to avoid a total humidity breakdown, is to use styling mousse to create a smooth finish.  Exaggerate pronounced curls by twisting them around your finger, using just enough product to keep them defined but without weighing them down.  This way, when the hot air hits, your curls will retain their shape for longer.

  1. Braid Your Hair

Braided hair fuses together well to reduce the amount of movement, and therefore the amount of frizz-inducing friction.  If the thought of walking around with braids during the day doesn’t suit your job or your lifestyle, try sleeping in braids instead.  Less movement and contact with pillows and bedding will help your hair remain sleeker when the humidity starts to hit.

  1. Invest in A Professional Treatment

If the humidity is more than just a minor irritation for your hair type, you may want to consider looking for a more permanent solution. Heat activated Keratin treatments, for example, can leave you with frizz-free hair for weeks at a time.  Getting regular haircuts can also help to keep your hair frizz-free for longer.

Gramercy Hair Salon – Experts at Fighting Back Against Humidity

Our stylists and technicians here at Gramercy have a host of tools and tricks to help your hair look frizz-free and fabulous, whatever the weather.  Book your appointment with us today at 561.600.9594.

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