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Gramercy Hair Salon

How to Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

Heated styling appliances can completely transform the way we look.  Whether you want poker straight hair, or curvaceous curls and plenty of volume, there will be a styling tool that will help you to achieve your perfect look.

Flatirons, curling irons, hot air stylers, heated rollers and even our hairdryers themselves can all work miracles on flat, boring hair, but if we are not careful all that heat can be potentially damaging to our locks.

If you are a slave to the straightening iron, or can’t cope without your curler, don’t let your love of the electric appliance decimate your hair.  Knowing how to keep your hair well protected against heat damage will keep it looking lovely for longer.

What Is Heat Damage?

Hot tools can play havoc on any kind of hair type, but those of us with fine or thin hair are more likely to suffer the worst.  Using too much heat, too regularly can damage the keratin and crack the cuticles of the hair.  This will lead to dry, brittle hair that will eventually lose its natural bounce and vitality.

If you want your hair to look tip top every time you style it, follow our top tips to protect your hair from heat damage:

  1. Use a protecting spray

One of the most effective ways to protect against heat damage is to use a specially formulated spray or lotion that is designed to protect against the damage caused by hot tools.  These products work by forming a barrier around the hair, making your precious locks less likely to fry.  You should apply a heat protecting product every time you use a heated hair tool.

  1. Limit your use

If you have a serious straightening iron addiction, you could be seriously damaging your hair.  Although these magical additions to our beauty armory may feel like an item you could not live without, using your hot tools every day is damaging to your hair.  Save your best look for big nights out or special occasions to keep your hair looking healthy.

  1. Never use hot tools on damp hair

Although it may be tempting to rush the styling process on manic mornings or if you are running late for a date, using any heated appliance on damp hair is a definite no-no!  Wet or even damp hair is far more fragile than dry hair. The heat from the tool will transform any remaining moisture into steam, which will damage the hair strand as it escapes.

  1. Only use good quality appliances

If you absolutely must use your iron on a daily basis, make sure it is a good quality one.  Cheaper irons using come with metal heat plates that can easily burn your hair, while better quality, professional irons usually offer ceramic plates and adjustable temperature settings meaning you can style while minimizing damage from the outset. Tourmaline and titanium irons are the most expensive but can also produce many more negative ions than ceramic models do, meaning you will be left with smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair every time you style.

  1. Be kind to your hair on down days

If you are not doing anything that requires a full face of makeup and perfect tresses, let your hair rest.  Don’t even blow dry it unless you have to.  You should also invest in a salon quality shampoo that is specifically formulated for heat styled hair, that contains all the good stuff you need to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized to ensure it is strong enough to cope with hot styling on a regular basis.

Perfect Styling from Gramercy Hair Salon

 If you have a big event coming up that you want to look your best for, why not book a blowout with our stylists at Gramercy.  We only use top quality tools, combined with the very best products to give you your best hair ever.

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