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Gramercy Hair Salon

Iconic hairstyles And the Famous Faces Behind Them

Some celebrities are known for their work, their crazy antics or just being in the news.  But others, well we love them for all of that, but also because they are rocking absolutely awesome hair. Emulating famous hair do’s has been happening since celebrity became a thing, but now, more than ever, we look to the people on the big screen to influence the way we cut and style our own hair.

Some hairstyles are so iconic, they literally have a life of their own. Here are a few of the most iconic hairstyles and the celebrities that wore them so well over the past few decades.

Twiggy – The Elfin Crop

During the 1960s, British IT Girl Twiggy changed the landscape of the London party scene when she debuted her glossy elfin crop, created by famed hairstylist Leonard of Mayfair.   Sheared short and nipped it close to the nape of the neck, her short “boyish” look went against the grain of the fashion for big beehives and long tresses at the time.  Twiggy rocked the look and made it her own with her signature spider lashes, and pretty soon the “Twiggy” look was sweeping the nation.

Jennifer Anniston – The “Shag”

Inspired by her character in the hit series Friends, “The Rachel” cut inspired an entire generation to go for the chop.  Despite the actress making it very clear that she didn’t think much of it, and that it was created by accident by her then stylist Chris McMillan, millions of women flocked to salons wanted to recreate her relaxed and unstructured shaggy look.

Audrey Hepburn – The Original Up-Do

 Sophisticated and effortlessly stylish, Audrey Hepburn’s perfectly positioned up-do has been the inspiration for millions of brides and prom queens the world over.  With not a hair out of place, the classic take on a French twist with a neat little bang is still the go-to style for those looking to ooze class.

 Victoria Beckham – The “Pob”

 Vitoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice, was renowned for her completely straight, angled bob that was a modern twist on an old classic. The “Pob (Posh bob)” as it became known was available in various lengths and could be worn dead tight and glossy for a high-end look or fluffed up and given volume at the back for a younger generation of Posh Spice fans.

Bo Derek – Braided Beauty

Next time you get your hair braided on vacation, remember that 70s superstar Bo Derek made them accessible for all nationalities in the legendary movie 10. Recently copied by Kim Kardashian, adding cornrows is a cool and convenient way to handle frizzy hair in hot climates.

Mia Farrow – The Pixie Crop

Legend has it that the actress became bored of her long blonde hair and took to it with a pair of her own fingernail scissors.  She was delighted with the results, but sadly those around her weren’t quite so impressed and wigs were made to complete the filming of TV series “Payton Place”. The actress continued to keep her short, for many years, and accidentally inspired millions of women worldwide to also embrace the pretty pixie cut.

Bridgette Bardot – The Big One

We still associate long tussled locks and backcombed beehives with being sexy, and no one did big hair better than Bridgette Bardot.  The French actress used hair golden blonde hair, center-parted bangs and plenty of back-combed volume to remain one of the world’s most famous beauty icons.

Meg Ryan – The Shaggy Bob

Finally, let’s not forget that sometimes less was most definitely more.  Meg Ryan‘s short, shaggy, layered bob, for example, was one of the most requested hairstyles in the 1990s that, along with “The Rachel,” saw the fashion for very styled and polished looks give way to natural movement in hairstyles, no longer weighed down with products.

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