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Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

Want a stunning head of hair? Then this Keratin Treatment  is your answer! A formaldehyde-free anti-frizz keratin treatment that restores and moisturizes damaged hair for immediate recovery in just one application. It provides the hair with an intense treatment, reducing volume, frizz and delivering spectacular, shiny, progressive results. This has a stronger result than smoothing treatments in terms of wave or curl reduction.

During the consultation your stylist will choose between three formulas; Cezanne, Truss or NEW Malina.  Please discuss with your lifestyle, desired curl reduction and expectations to choose the best treatment protocol for your hair!

Please arrive to your appointment with clean, dry hair so the stylist has an easy time choosing the correct formula for your hair.

The Truss High Liss Line…

With a proprietary nourishing and sealing technology Truss High Liss comes in 2 variations and contains Amazon Gloss, Soft Amid, Kerahair, Hydrating Agents, Miracle Oil Blends and High Liss. Products are dermatologically tested and are derived from the association of bio compatible amino acids and protein acids which allow the progressive alteration of the hair structure.

The Benefits of The Ingredients?

• Amazon Gloss: Originating from Amazon Palm Tree fruits, Amazon Gloss promotes detangling, reduces frizz and reduces fly-away effect. Restores natural hydro lipid layer providing shine, hydration and protection.

• Soft Amid: Conditioning agent. Detangles and reduces frizz.

• Kerahair: Protects the hair fiber from oxidation damage, restoring resistance, flexibility and strength. Regenerates lipid layer and protects keratin in the hair. Minimizes color fading, restores vitality and shine.

• Hydrating Agents: Provide malleability, shine, hydration and softness.

• Miracle Oil Blend: Restores damaged hair. Restores protein amino acids and lipids which increase elasticity and resistance. Provides softness and reduces frizz.

• High Liss: nourishing, sealing technology derived from the association of bio compatible amino acids and protein acids which allow the progressive alteration of the hair structure. Provides and promotes nourishment, hydration, detangling, shine and natural movement. Diminishes and controls volume, reducing frizz.

Book Your Appointment Today…

For more information on this Keratin Treatment or any Truss Cosmetics, call 561-600-9594 to set up a consultation with a stylist.  You will get a better idea the process and what it is you desire.


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Give your hair the most amazing, manageable hair, using the One & Done Vegan Tourmaline Smoothing System. It is a customizable smoothing system that gives you the options of catering for all hair types and needs with one bottle! Offer frizz free hair, when you want to create results that include straightening straight, or adjust the protocols to maintain volume, or de-frizz without the client loosing their curls!

Did you know that Keratin in most smoothing systems is derived from animal products or animal by-products? Our promise to you: Malina uses only Plant Based Proteins, Vitamins and Amino Acids in all our products. Malina products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Long lasting, smooth, shiny results!

Want to tame frizzy, unruly hair? Cezanne’s Classic Smoothing Treatment smooths all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured and curly hair. Unlike other keratin smoothing treatments, ours is free of formaldehyde and harsh chemicals, requires no downtime and gives you endless styling options.

We have carried Cezanne for years, and continue to choose it if you are looking to make your hair easier and faster to style!  This simple treatment makes hair much easier to work with!

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