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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Knowing Your Hair Type

A key ingredient for keeping your hair healthy is knowing your hair type. Hair falls into four basic categories and the type of hair you have will affect the way you care, cut and style your tresses.


If you have straight hair, it will typically fall straight down, look limp, and appear flat. Natural oils from the scalp are easily distributed to coat hair strands. You may think you have thin hair that lacks volume, when in reality your hair is coarse or even thick.


Hair that’s wavy is broken down into categories of Type 2A, 2B and 2C. The category into which your hair falls will depend on the amount of wave it contains. Type 2A hair is straight for the first couple of inches off the scalp with minimal wave from there to the tips. Type 2B is similar to Type A, but has a wave pattern that’s slightly more obvious. Type 2C hair displays an “S” pattern from the roots to the tips and has added texture.


For curly hair types, there are three categories depending on the tightness of the curl. Type 3A hair is distinguished by loose, open curls and it may be fine. Type 3B hair typically displays as ringlets, is often sported by celebrities, and is easy to style. Type 3C curls tend to be very thick and resemble a corkscrew pattern. This type of curl tends to be bouncy, but have a coarser feel.


Coily and kinky hair is further divided into Type 4A, 4B and 4C. Type 4A hair assumes coils that appear in a loose, lower case “e” pattern from the scalp to the tips. It appears thick, but is actually delicate, thin, and prone to breakage so treat it gently. Type 4B has a clearly defined “Z” pattern and is soft to the touch. It can be thick or thin and breaks easily. Frequent combing can cause significant damage. Type 4C hair is tightly curled in a lower case “e” pattern and is prone to frizziness.

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