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Gramercy Hair Salon

Latest Hairstyles for Older Women

More women are embracing their gray hair and looking for ways to wear it while maintaining a youthful appearance. Others choose to trade in their brown dye for pastel colors. One of the keys to a youthful look is identifying the right hairstyle and color that complements thinning hair and the facial structural changes that take place as part of the aging process.

Bobs and Pixies

By the time a woman is in her 40s, a low-maintenance, easy care style is popular. At the same time, volume and movement are key concerns. Youthful hair moves easily when the head moves. It’s in stark contrast to the weighted down look that many have adopted in the past.

Jawline length bobs, ear length bobs and pixie cuts are solutions for busy women that don’t care to spend an excessive amount of time on their hair each day. Consider a spiky pixie cut for texture and to combat thinning hair. Both styles can be accented by sassy bangs.


The unspoken “rule” used to be short styles after the age of 40. Women are stepping out of their comfort zone and experimenting with shaggy styles, colors and undefined parts that have traditionally been the bastion of the younger set. Layers are a good match for women over 60 to create a fuller effect to balance thinning hair. Wispy, flirty bangs can be added if desired.

Bold and Sassy

Quiffs have traditionally been associated with men’s styles and women are now making the style their own. Very short on the sides and long on top, it’s a bold statement and works especially well for gray and silver hair. Picture Jamie Lee Curtis as an example.

Long and Lush

Many women are choosing to keep their longer hairstyles, primarily at shoulder length, but updating them with color and windblown bangs. Adding bangs is an ideal way to disguise forehead wrinkles, which automatically makes anyone appear younger.

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