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Gramercy Hair Salon

Love Your Locks Just The Way They Are

Tired of trying to tame your frizzy hair into something sleeker, or bored of trying to add volume to hair that just won’t budge?  Well, then, maybe it is time to try something new?

Our hair is our crowning glory and is part of who we are and we way we look.  How about embracing our locks for a change instead of always trying to change it?

The best-looking hair in the world is clean, well looked after and a color and style that suits your face.  We all love to experiment from time to time, but too much obsessing with changing the way we look can lead to damaged, dry, brittle hair that will never look great no matter what we do with it.

So, as a salon dedicated to making our clients look and feel their best, here is our guide to why you should love your hair.

  1. Curls are so pretty

So many of our clients say that have the “wrong” kind of curls.  Not many people have smooth, stunning waves that look naturally beautiful straight out of bed, and even those that you think do have probably spent hours with a curling iron making it look that way.

Curls are soft, bouncy and oh-so-gorgeous.  Curly hair adds character and always looks vibrant and fun.  It is also really easy to style as it never needs to look too put-together to create pretty, sophisticated looks for day or night.

Care for your curls by adding a simple smoothing serum when wet to help reduce frizz, and be sure to have your ends cut regularly.

  1. Straight hair is a blessing

Straight hair is what half the world is obsessed with and they are damaging their hair with flat-irons to make it look just like yours.  Yet, we see so many clients who are bored of having “flat” straight hair that just “hangs there”.

Straight hair is full of movement and can catch the light like nothing else.  It can frame the face so beautifully or can be pulled away to create a more dramatic look.  If you are really worried about a lack of volume, you can try a little styling at the roots, or keep your straight hair cut shorter to give the impression of fuller, thicker hair all over.

The key to keeping your straight hair totally gorgeous is to ensure you have regular cuts to keep split ends at bay, and carefully chose a shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh it down or make it look greasy.

  1. Thick Hair

A crowning glory of lush, thick hair is the envy of many, and yet those who have it often despise it.  Learning to work with your hair is the key to accepting it.  Thicker hair can be harder to style and take longer to dry and you may just wear it the same way every day. But if you find a style that suits your face and your personality, there is nothing wrong with that.

Try to choose a moisturizing conditioner to help battle frizz and have regular cuts to keep split ends at bay, but other than that, wear your big hair with pride.

  1. Thinning Hair

On the other end of the scale,  older women, or those that are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss as the result of medication or skin conditions, can feel very concerned about their appearance.

We understand that losing your hair can feel distressing but by choosing a shorter style, a natural color and with a little advice from our expert stylists, you can feel just as beautiful as you did before.

The Moral Of The Story

We all do it! We look at other people and wish out hair was more like theirs.  But you know what, somebody, somewhere is thinking exactly the same about yours.  So let’s take a stand.  No more hours spent trying to persuade our hair to be something it’s not, let’s just love it the way it is!

Healthy, natural-looking hair is the prettiest and sexiest look you will ever achieve, so be sure to come and see for regular cuts and treatments that are right for your locks!

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