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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Maintaining Healthy Looking Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have long locks, short hair, or somewhere in between, there are ways to keep it looking healthy while minimizing damage. Perms, blowouts, dyeing and styling all produce enough damage to hair without compounding the problem.


Don’t wash hair any more than necessary to minimize breakage and frizz. In between cleansings, try a dry shampoo or a pre shampoo. Just be sure and thoroughly cleanse hair to remove residue. Stay away from clarifying formulas – they’re designed to strip hair of everything. Choose shampoos that are formulated for damaged repair and contain proteins for strengthening.


A conditioner is designed to soften, smooth and shine. Conditioner is a critical element in hair care, particular if hot styling products are involved. Leave-in conditioners are a good option that provides protection. A heat protectant spray can also be beneficial, but only when it’s applied and distributed to reach every strand.


A blow dryer is quick and convenient, but it also comes with extra damage. To minimize the time and heat required for drying, pat hair dry with a towel, then use paper towels to perform the same action. The process removes far more moisture and will cut the amount of time and heat needed for drying. There are also a variety of microfiber towels on the market that can help remove more moisture after showering.

There’s a cool button on blow dryers and it needs to be used to minimize damage. Hair that feels hot after using a blow dryer or other styling tool means hair is still “cooking.” It’s similar to how a steak continues to sizzle after its removed from the grill. Try air-drying overnight to minimize damage and free up some extra time.

The Salon

Individuals can give locks a boost at the salon with professional treatments ranging from hot oil to those for the scalp. They’re beneficial for keeping follicles clean, addressing dandruff and other scalp conditions, relieving inflammation, and providing shine.

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