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Gramercy Hair Salon

Makeup Tips for Uneven Skin Tones

No one is in possession of naturally flawless skin. Celebrities spend long hours learning how to conceal their facial flaws with instruction from elite makeup artists. Uneven skin tone can be the result of numerous causes from sun exposure and hormonal changes to aging, scars and even some medications. Others have moles, freckles or rosacea they want to minimize.

Professional makeup artists apply a small amount of foundation primer to help foundation stay in place. A colored concealer is utilized on specific trouble spots. It’s important to use concealer colors that are the opposite color of the affected area. An example would be blue or purple for under eye circles or a green concealer for redness. Using a translucent powder will aid in brightening the entire face.

There are also ways to even skin tone with just concealer and it’s a good idea to have more than a single concealer on hand. Every face is different and some areas will require less coverage than others.


Determining the makeup needed can be particularly confusing for people with freckles. Choose products that match the skin’s undertone rather than the freckles. A good rule of thumb is to look at the neck and chest area to identify skin tone color. A color corrector is essential for evening skin tone.

A yellow-hued corrector is best for darker freckles and those that appear purplish. Use a green color corrector for freckles that are more reddish in hue. Tinted moisturizers and lightweight foundations help, and opting for a concealer rather than foundation is the best way to minimize freckles.


Many people are turning to tattoo concealers as a last resort to hide their moles. It’s designed to hide tattoo ink and is equally applicable for addressing scars, blemishes, and evening skin tone in specific areas. It may require multiple layers before applying concealer.

Color-correcting concealer in yellow, green or purple will help blur the lines between the color of the mole and surrounding skin, before applying regular concealer. It’s also beneficial to apply concealer primer to the area around the mole prior to using a concealer. Apply makeup delicately to avoid disturbing the preparatory work that’s been done to and around the mole.


Concealing rosacea begins with the application of a primer, followed by a tinted concealer to counteract the redness. It’s important to apply regular concealer with a brush as it enables individuals to gradually work outward, cover a larger area, and ensure proper blending. Foundation is next, applied with a brush, for an even finish. The final touch is setting the entire work with a yellow-toned powder.

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