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Gramercy Hair Salon

Must Have Products for Men

A well-groomed man is a joy to behold, but many of the male persuasion either don’t know what products are available, which ones complement their individual needs, or are simply afraid to experiment. For many years, the men’s grooming industry was severely limited in its offerings. Now, men have so many options, they often feel overwhelmed. The following are some of the must have products for any contemporary man.

Bladed Razor

Forget the disposables and go with a razor that has a three-blade design for the closest shave.


You may think it smells great, but if your cologne doesn’t complement your specific pheromones and body chemistry, it won’t be a pleasing aroma to those around you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fragrances.


A good deodorant that provides 24-hour protection is essential.

Facial Cleanser

Dirty pores are not attractive and lead to blemishes and acne. A cleanser is even more important for men with sensitive or dry skin.

Lip Balm

To maintain kissable lips, a lip balm that protects against sun damage, is free of tints, and that’s been developed specifically for men should be applied a couple of times each day.


Whether you work outside or in an office environment, your skin is subject to dryness. A light moisturizer will help you and your skin appear younger.

Shaving Balm

A shaving balm is designed to soothe skin after shaving. You don’t have to live with astringent solutions that burn and irritate.

Shaving Cream

Quality is the key element in a shave cream. Choose one that moisturizes, has a scent you like, and look for those with organic ingredients.

Soaps and Gels

Whether you prefer a shower gel or bar of soap, select one that moisturizes and isn’t rough on your skin.


It protects against damage from wind and sun. It’s equally appropriate for men that enjoy salt water-based sports and cold weather pursuits.


If your style is a beard, a trimmer is a necessity to keep facial hair neat and in control. Choose one with multiple settings in either a corded or cordless style.

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