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One for The Boys – Men’s Hair Trends This Season

Once upon a time, a short back and sides was all a guy needed to look smart and well groomed.  Now, however, men have nearly as many options as the ladies do for looking preened and on point.  Whether you or your man is rocking long locks or a close shave, men’s hair trends are bigger than ever this year.

Not sure what kind of chop to go for next?  Here is our guide to the hottest men hair trends for 2018.

  1. The Texture Crop

No need to flatten down wayward follicles this time around, as this year’s crop adds volume and texture.  Think of that “just out of bed” look, with styling product carefully applied to create the appearance of extra volume at the crown.  The front can be cut to suit the shape of your face, with flat blunt bangs for a more edgy look, or something a little more choppy and textured for a natural progression.

  1. The Quiff Cut

Quiffs have been around since the 1950’s, and every now and again they come back into fashion.  This year see’s everything from short, blunt quiffs to long, textured, high-angled quiffs reigning supreme once again.  Kept short and close to the hairline at the back, the key to an excellent quiff is keeping all of the texture and length in the front.  Shorter quiffs can be styled up quickly with a touch of product, whilst longer, more exuberant pompadour styles will need to be blown upwards with a dryer and plenty of holding spray.

  1. The Buzz Cut

If you want a fuss-free fashionable look that will need little to no maintenance for weeks on end, this style could be the one for you.   Created using electric clippers, the modern-day buzz cut can be clipped into a uniform short length, or slightly longer at the top depending on the severity of the shave you decide to go for.  No longer just a look for those in the military, and a much more finely nuanced hairstyle than the tennis ball look you may have been forced to sport at school, the buzz cut is big this season.

  1. The Subtle Under Cut

A modern take on the classic short, back and sides, this edgy look involves taking the clippers to the underside of your hair, whilst keeping plenty of length on the top.     Often seen with hipsters sporting beards for extra facial furriness, those looking to achieve a smarter look should go for clean fades on the back and sides, with plenty of texture left on the top.  Style it up for a night on the town, or keep it slick for a day on the office, the undercut gives you plenty of options.

  1. The Tousled Look

Men with curly or wavy hair have traditionally spent years fighting their natural curls using wax or cream to slick the hair down.  In recent years, however, it has not only become acceptable to sport long, wavy hair it has also become cool too.  The key to wearing your hair long and loose without looking like a hobo is to make sure it retains a great shape and is always in excellent condition.

However, you choose to wear your hair, there are more barbers, groomers and men’s hair products available to you than ever before, meaning there is no excuse for not looking metrosexual and manly all year round.

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