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Gramercy Hair Salon

Our Guide to Summer Highlights

Breezing through summer with sun-kissed hair can make you feel like a real beach babe whatever your natural hair color or skin tone.  Whether you spend your time surfing the waves or hidden away in an office, you can still look like you have spent all summer on the beach with the careful application of highlights to your hair.

Highlights are big all year round but come the summer, everyone wants a piece of the multi-tonal action.  By applying strands of individual color, your technician can create a long lasting, natural, sun-lightened effect that will last a long time and minimize the tell-tale signs of re-growth.

If you are considering highlights this summer, here are some professional tips on how to get your new look just right.

What Are Highlights?

Highlights are sections or strands of hair that are dyed a few shades lighter than your base color.  When applied professionally, they will brighten up the overall look of your hair and add dimension to your color.  Run your hands through your hair and you will see seamless variations of shades, that should always perfectly complement your natural color, and enhance your skin tone at the same time.

Frame Your Face, The Natural Way

Because highlights are designed to imitate the way in which the sun would naturally lighten your hair, the placement of your highlights is an important factor in achieving natural looking results.  The brightest and biggest colored strands should be placed around the frame of the face, with the color being darker and sparser around the root and lighter at the tips.

Add Depth and Dimension

While a single, all over color can look great when applied professionally, when it comes to highlights your technician will be looking to add depth and dimension using a selection of different colors. The highlights should vary in size and color, but should only ever accent and enhance your natural base color, not overpower it.

Stay Close to Your Natural Color

Because you want your newly highlighted hair to enhance your skin tone and make you look and feel pretty, always stick to tones that are no more than 3 shades lighter than your base color.  Too light and your skin will look blanched, too dark and you could end up looking like a strangely colored zebra.

Less Is More

It is the subtle variations in the color of your highlights that produce such natural looking results.  Too many colors, however, could leave you looking over processed and quite frankly, a little bit weird.  Most technicians will choose 3 different shades that complement your base hair color to produce gentle but effective transitions in color.

Adapt Your Highlights to Suit the Season

Highlights aren’t just for the summer.  With a few subtle adjustments, you can have gorgeous, natural looking hair all year round.  During the summer months, bright and light strands of color look beautiful, but they can look dull or fake during the winter.  Ask your color technician to add in some deeper, more golden colors as your tan fades to keep that natural look whatever the season.

Finally, Care for Your Colors

Having highlights run through your hair is an investment in both your time and your money. As with any type of colored hair, always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and visit your stylist for regular cuts and color maintenance.

If you are thinking about highlights, why not book a color consultation with our expert technicians here at Gramercy Hair Salon today?  Call us at 561.600.9594 to make an appointment.

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