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Gramercy Salon

Our Team

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Our commitment to you is to show you our gratitude for the honor of being chosen as your hair salon.

We will do this by listening to your needs, taking care of you while you are here at Gramercy Hair Salon, delivering technical excellence in our services, offering professional advice on how to love your hair and be beautiful; all while doing our best to make conscious decisions to take good care of ourselves and the community around us.

our team


DIrector Stylists

Marisa Grimm (Levinson)

Instagram: @glowingupwithris

Background:  47.9% Ashkenazi Jewish

Accomplishments:  Class clown in middle school & high school. Being a mom. Being at Gramercy since it opened.

My Uniqueness: Some say I look like Adele, my humor, and my life stories.

Things I love:  Italian food obsessed, crime shows, anything w/Adam Sandler

Schedule: T-F

Lauren Fago

Instagram: @Beauty._ByLauren

Background: Grew up in NY with a family full of stylists.  Hair has always been a passion of mine. Graduated from Paul Mitchell. Hairstylist for 7 years.

Accomplishments: Became a hairstylist, took multiple courses to educate myself, as a stylist. Moved to So Florida on my own.  Started in a new salon and build a new clientele. Growing my business each year! And I perfected hair extensions!

My Uniqueness:  I can’t live without extensions! I can color match very well.  My personality is unique!

Things I love: Travel, trying new restaurants, shopping, the beach, working out! Also, baking and cooking!

Schedule: W-Sa

Chris Babb

Director of Education email: education@gramercyhairsalon.com

Instagram: @chrisbabb_hair

Background: 18 yrs of experience in Salon Management. From Albuquerque, NM

Accomplishments: Named Best Hairstylist & Colorist in Albuquerque for 8 consecutive years.  Chosen as 1 of 15 educators nationwide to launch Goldwell’s Cutting Program.

My Uniqueness: +pop culture junkie +amateur chef +total weirdo

Things I love:  +My 2 Chihuahuas +foodie +live music +traveling anywhere I have never been

Schedule: Su, T-R, Sa

Master Stylists

Brendan Aiello

Instagram: @brendanaiellobeauty

Background: Hairstylist for 6 yrs. 1st generation Floridian

Accomplishments: Traveled solo to Europe

My Uniqueness: Secret Math Genius. Can sing both parts to HS Musical’s “I want it all” duet.

Things I love:  I’m a foodie and I love travel and I cry at every rom-com

Schedule: W-Sa

Brittani Hardesty

Instagram: @hairbybrittani_

Background: I have tried every hair color on myself, and red fits best

Accomplishments: I built a reputation for balayage and I am known for customizing my techniques to every client. I’m proud of it!

My Uniqueness: My appearance, my thoughts, my sense of humor, my techniques.  I’m definitely me and no one else:)

Things I love:  The beach, nature, travel, friends, my dog–a spotted mini-wiener.

Schedule: W-Sa

Kailey Hines

Instagram: @kaileystylezz

Background: 3rd gen hairstylist. Worked w/my mom @ her salon for 11 yrs before moving down south and finding my Gramercy family

Accomplishments: I don’t miss out!  My FOMO is at a 10/10 so ask me where I have been or what I’ve seen.

My Uniqueness: “I’ll go” is my tagline

Things I love: I love dancing the night away, and any kind of market or festival.  Perusing is my true passion (haha!)

Schedule: T-Sa

Amanda Guglielmi

Instagram: @miznerhairbymandy

Background: I grew up valuing hard work in a charming small town in SE Kansas. After college, I moved to South Florida, where I settled, met my husband, and had two kids. Now, I cherish them and Boca Raton’s rich culture and beauty.

Accomplishments: Grateful that I was a top cross country & track runner in college.  I keep my RE license active, and I have found my passion in helping clients look and feel their best!

My Uniqueness: My creativity, attention to detail, strong communication skills.  My goal is to have my clients feel that their hair is stunning!

Things I love: Time with my family, working out, trying California wines and drinking Champagne!

Schedule: M-Th

Annette Koscielniak

Instagram: @beauty_by_annettek

Background: Graduated in 1997 in Chicago. Worked in an upscale salon, before creating my own for 10 years.

Accomplishments: I moved to Florida 5 years ago & decided to continue doing hair!

My Uniqueness: I love learning new things and meeting new people.  Extensions is my favorite service 🙂

Things I love: Traveling, going to the beach, spending time with family!

Schedule: T-Th

Executive Stylists

Amy Betit

Instagram: @amy.r.betit

Background: I’ve been doing hair for 20 years. Raised in Florida.  Been letting other people laugh at my laugh since I was little

Accomplishments: I have so many great, long relationships with clients & friends.  I’m a people person.

My Uniqueness: I’m a French Canadian, but I act like an Italian bc I love cooking. You know real Italian food is the best! Also, I’m one of those stylists where you know I was born to do this. You’re in good hands!

Things I love: My dog, my house, kids.  I do love a good laugh and beautiful hair!

Schedule: M-W

Justine Smith

Instagram: @hairbyjustine_

Background: I was raised here, and went through my training and certifications at Gramercy

Accomplishments: I went to college and got my degree at UCF, but I’m so happy I decided to change my career and become a hair stylist!

My Uniqueness: I feel like I can see your beauty. Like when you are talking about what you want I get a good idea how to make it happen.  Its so rewarding when we are both happy with your hair!

Things I love: My friends & family, doing hair, being in the sun, Colleen Hoover books, good food, tiktok, happy people 🙂

Schedule: Su-R

Instagram: @colorm_bri

Background: Born & raised in Deerfield Beach. American Indian, German & idk imma mutt

Accomplishments: Graduated in Public Health/Health Promotion in VA.  Went back to school at 26 to pursue my true dream and passion in the beauty industry!

My Uniqueness: I live under a rock and I like it that way! I’m spontaneous, adventurous, a bit awkward, a lot weird, always down for exploration and a deep conversation

Things I love: I love cooking (no recipes, pls-this is freestyle). Thrifting, the hunt for funky, talking to strangers (oops), breaking rules clearly, my dog, traveling, new experiences, the outdoors, people, and making lists of things that I love.

Schedule: T-W, F, Su

Senior Stylists

Boryana Terzieva

Instagram: @beauty_by_bory

Background: European. Originally trained to do hair in Europe, then I went back to get my license and training here too.

Accomplishments: I have a great family, and I’m doing the job I love!

My Uniqueness: I think I have a unique vibe and chic.  I think being raised in Europe in the early 90’s gives me a charmed perspective on beauty. I also have a lot of customer service experience so I’ve seen it all!

Things I love: Animals, books, movies, fashion trends, nature

Schedule: W, F-Su

Sami Severino

Instagram: @yourstylist.sami

Background: Filipino and Italian

Accomplishments: Pursued my passion in beauty despite what other said!

My Uniqueness: Night owl and native Floridian!

Things I love: Horror, Rom-Coms, Anne Rice books

Schedule: F-Su, M-T

Viviana Patino

Instagram: @painovivi

Background: I’ve always dreamed of doing hair. Now that my daughters are in their late teens, I am finally able to love what I do!

Accomplishments: I worked hard to raise my family alongside my husband.  I finished the training program here at Gramercy after managing a medical office for many years!

My Uniqueness: I love spicy foods! And I keep an eye on everything around the salon 😉

Things I love: Love to spend time with my family.  We love to have dinner together!

Schedule: Sa-Su

Athena Chamberland

Instagram: @goddesshairbyathena

Background: Italian and German (mostly Italian). Training outside of school was with Aveda in over 10 Aveda CE classes.

Accomplishments: Graduating from Cosmetology School and getting Apres Gel Certified

My Uniqueness: I am a very empathetic, hard working person who just wants people and clients to be happy, confident. I love vivids/fashion colors and color corrections

Things I love: Animals–Cats especially, traveling, gardening, and hiking

Schedule: Su

Mirjana Stojanovic

Instagram: @hairbymirjana

Background: I’m very family oriented as the mother of two teenage boys

Accomplishments: Trained to do hair in Serbia and the United States

My Uniqueness: I have always loved beauty and I’m passionate about hair

Things I love: I love kids and animals. Also, I love healthy cooking

Schedule: Su

Associate Stylists

Brandon Aviles

Social Media Manager

Instagram: @brandonavilxs @gramercy_salon

Background: Grew up in Boca Raton

Accomplishments: Got a job at Gramercy Salon♥ Boca Beauty Academy for Cosmetology School

My Uniqueness: Morning person

Things I love: Wasabi peas, chix tender pubsub, my dogs, boardgames, sunrises


Grace Mattivi

Instagram: @gracemhair

Background: From a very small town in PA. I have an older brother and younger sister (middle child here!). They are my absolute best friends!

Accomplishments: Moving 1500 miles away from home at 18. taking a break from college to pursue something I am passionate about

My Uniqueness: I studied Neuroscience with a dual minor of pre-health at NSU.  I am a Certified Nursing Assistant.  I’ve always had a passion for helping others!

Things I love: Animals, my grandparent’s horse farm, dogs are my favorite, concerts, a room full of people singing my favorite song.


Instagram: @stephsbeautybar.222

Background: I am Colombian! I love hair and makeup.  I came here from Maryland.

Accomplishments: Graduated HS with a 3.5gpa. I took 2 yrs of Psychology before becoming a hairstylist. I competed on a Latin Dance team for 4 yrs!

Stephanie Gualteros

My Uniqueness: I have a lot of experience with makeup. I can cook any Colombian dish. I can drive stick shift. Spanish is my first language.

Things I love: I love scary movies and all things spooky. Cars and music are therapy to me. Being in nature helps me ground myself.  My dog and my mom are my whole world.


We are hiring for Associate Stylists, Stylists, and Client Services Team members! Come join our fun team, doing luxurious hair in our busy salon!

Fill out an application now at careers or dm us @gramercycareers

Client Services Team

Maddison Hardesty

Salon Manager email: management@gramercyhairsalon.com

Instagram: @gramercy_salon

Background: Born and raised in FL, working in the hair industry as a manager for 5 yrs. Sister is a stylist and we work together 🙂

Accomplishments: I can do 10 pushups, becoming a manager & never gaining any weight

My Uniqueness: Drawing skills, my bright pink & red hair, funny, good multi-tasker, hard-working

Things I love: My 2 kitties (even though I live with 7) LOL! Video games, Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty. Favorite color Black

Schedule: T-F

Gabriella Figueroa

Background: My family is from NY. We spend a lot of time together having dinners and going to Disney.  My dad and I are both runners 🙂

Accomplishments: I’m a licensed esthetician with a Lash business

My Uniqueness: I love a good laugh, good friends, Italian food and all things beauty

Things I love: My family, exercise, Disney, Nike, and the beauty industry, especially Lashes

Schedule: T-R

Sidney Levy

Background: Born and raised in So Flo

Accomplishments: Drove across the country 3x

My Uniqueness: My bayangs. My tattoos.  3rd gen Floridian

Things I love: Pokemon, road trips, the PNW, SoCal, AZ, CO, and bigfoot

Schedule: M,F-Sa

Valerie Terzieva

Val Terzieva

Background: European

Accomplishments: Graduated from FAU w/ BS in Accounting

My Uniqueness: Hippie Vibes. Punk/Grunge Chic

Things I love: Chocolate, Books, Nirvana, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn

Schedule: Sundays

Taylor Powers

Taylor Powers


Background: Irish & Italian

Accomplishments: Making it hair school! Getting my first apartment!

My Uniqueness: My laugh and my crazy family!

Things I love: Dogs (Big dogs) and the movie, “The Longest Ride”

Schedule: Evenings and Weekends