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Gramercy Hair Salon

Picking the Right Hair Stylist

Choosing the right hair stylist is important for your look and it affects the reputation of the stylist. While many have the training and technical knowledge to provide different types of styles and cuts, some are better at certain tasks, while others may specialize. There are several ways to vet a stylist and increase the odds of locating one with which you can establish a long-term relationship.

Salon Staff Pages

Many salons maintain staff pages that provide information about each stylist’s training and specialties. Take a look at the pages before making an appointment with a specific stylist.

Social Media

The platforms are a valuable tool for searching out a new stylist. You can see photos from happy customers that have styles similar to what you want to achieve.

Ask Someone

If you see someone with a style that you like, don’t be reticent about complimenting them and asking where their hair was done. They’ll typically be happy to share with you.

Schedule a Consultation

Most salons offer consultations and it’s a great opportunity to meet with a potential stylist. If the salon doesn’t offer this service, look for another salon.

Photos Speak Louder Than Words

If you’ve chosen a stylist to try, bring photos with you to your appointment that show how your locks looked the last time it was styled to your satisfaction. Be sure to include front, back and side views.

Book a Blowout

This is a great way to try out a new stylist. You’ll look great for several days and it’s a good way to get to know your potential new stylist.

Go With Your Gut

Sitting with a new stylist is a leap of faith. One of the things a great stylist is good at is listening. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your stylist or he/she isn’t truly listening to what you want, it’s not a good fit. Conversely, you and a stylist may instantly mesh and you’ll know you found the right stylist for you.


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