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Gramercy Hair Salon

Qualities of a Great Hair Dryer

People spend a lot of time with hair styling products that produce heat. Even those that don’t perform extensive styling each morning typically use a hairdryer on a regular basis. Some are better suited for certain types of hair than others. Choosing the wrong blow dryer will leave individuals with hair that’s damaged and brittle.

Ionic and Tourmaline

Ionic and tourmaline driers are best for hair that’s thick and/or frizzy. They emit negative ions that work to break down water drops on hair for faster drying times. The result is hair that’s less likely to frizz.

It’s a good choice for people with hair that requires more drying time than others, but not for those with thin or fine hair since the dryers won’t provide volume. Tourmaline driers will be more expensive since the material is a semi-precious metal.

Ceramic and Porcelain

These driers are best for dry or fine hair that’s easily dehydrated but can be used on multiple types of hair. They also produce negative ions that help hair dry faster. Some are designed with infrared technology that dries hair from the inside out.


A titanium hair dryer gets very hot but produces an even and steady heat. Titanium dryers are good for people with extremely thick hair that want to reduce their drying time. They also weigh less than ceramic and porcelain dryers making them more comfortable if they have to be held for longer drying times.

Weight and Wattage

Try to choose a blow dryer that weighs about one pound for ease and comfort. Heavier dryers are more difficult to hold for the time it takes to dry hair. The higher the wattage of the dryer, the quicker hair will dry. The best for home use is a blow dryer with at least 1500 watts. A dryer of 1800-2000 watts is preferable for thick hair. Make sure any blow dryer has multiple heat settings, including a cool setting, to ensure hair only receives the exact amount of heat needed.

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