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Gramercy Hair Salon

Shampoo for Every Hair Texture

There are many ways to define hair texture. There’s fine, medium, and thick and all three can include curly, kinky, straight, and wavy hair. Most shampoo brands normally found in stores are for “average” hair – straight and medium types – but hair textures encompass so much more.

Choosing the wrong shampoo can make hair look dull, more difficult to style, and increase the potential for damage. Oily hair will require an entirely different type of shampoo than manes that lack sufficient moisture. Selecting the right shampoo from amongst the myriad of brands can be far more difficult than most people think. The following are just a few guidelines to help anyone select the right shampoo for their needs.

Clarifying – The shampoo produces a lot of lather, does an excellent job of cleansing, but hair will feel dried out if it’s used frequently. Always use a deep conditioner or deep conditioning treatment afterward and it shouldn’t be used on curly hair unless there’s a significant amount of oil build-up.

CoWash – All cowash means is that it produces no lather. It’s designed for cleansing and conditioning kinky and tightly coiled textures. Use once a week and follow with a conditioner.

Dry Shampoo – Applied to dry hair, it’s not really a shampoo. It’s used to absorb oil that can weigh down hair and is best for fine wavy or fine curly hair.

Moisturizing – This type of shampoo produces a lot of lather, but really doesn’t do much to add moisture to the hair. It’s a good choice for excess oil build-up or fine hair that’s oily, but dry.

Volumizing – Formulated for fine, wavy, and curly textured hair, it’s applied to dry hair so it can absorb oil. It’s not a substitute for regular shampoo and is typically used for busy days when hair may appear dull and lifeless.

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