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Gramercy Hair Salon

Side Effects of Over Washing your Hair

All hair isn’t the same. Some hair types need to be cleaned more often, while other types can go two or three days between washing. Frequent cleansing may seem like a good idea, but it can actually be counterproductive and lead to damage. Your lifestyle will play a key role in how often your hair needs to be washed.

Those that work in occupations where they sweat a lot or are exposed to high heat will experience an increased level of hair oiliness. The same applies to those that work outdoors in the sun and wind. If you work in an office or retail environment, for example, you can typically shampoo less often.

The texture of your hair is also important. Fine hair gets oily faster. Curly and thicker hair can go longer between cleanings. Each hair type responds differently when shampooed. One of the biggest mistakes you may be making is using a shampoo that’s too harsh and then trying to compensate with conditioners. It’s also important to keep in mind that wet hair is more prone to damage.

Increased Oils

Your hair’s natural oil production will actually go into overdrive if you wash too frequently. Your scalp will begin making more of its natural oils as quickly as it can in an effort to compensate.

Brittle Hair

When you rob your hair of its vital natural oils, the result is dry, brittle and flyaway locks that lack luster.

Dry Scalp

Shampoo that strips oil from your hair will also dry out your scalp. It opens the door to unsightly dandruff, flakes and an itchy scalp.

Split Ends

A sure sign of over-washing your hair is split ends. Your hair will appear frizzy, look dull, and lose its shine.

Color Fades

If you dye your hair and find that the color is fading faster than it should, you’re over washing. The same is true if you use highlights. Over-washing leads to less vibrant color and necessitates more frequent coloring and highlighting.

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