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Signs you Need to Switch Your Shampoo

It’s difficult to change your shampoo, particularly if you’ve used it for some time. You may like the scent or the brand, but your hair will definitely tell you when your usual shampoo isn’t working for you anymore.

Your hair’s needs change with time, your activity level and the seasons. It’s a good idea to have a shampoo and conditioner for summer’s heat and humidity and a different set for the winter months. The following are signs that you need to switch up your shampoo.


Bad Texture

Hair in good condition should be bouncy and look healthy. If your hair is limp, lacks body, has undefined curls or looks dull, change your shampoo. A clarifying shampoo may help, but don’t use it too often – your hair also needs nourishment.


If your hair doesn’t feel clean after shampooing, chances are your shampoo isn’t cleansing like it should. It can be a sign of build-up and that your shampoo is leaving dirt and grime behind.

Dry Scalp

A dry, itchy, tight scalp isn’t a sign of cleanliness, it’s a symptom that your shampoo is failing in its job. Hair may also begin to feel rough and brittle. Your shampoo may be too harsh and failing to hydrate properly, which can also leave you with a bad case of dandruff. Try a gentler shampoo that hydrates.

Fading Color

Color-treated hair requires extra care and shampoo specifically designed for it. The shampoo will keep color from quickly fading, protect it from becoming brassy, and keep color bright and vibrant.

No Shine

Dull, lifeless, lackluster hair is a symptom that your current shampoo is stripping your tresses of its natural protective oils. Try a gentler shampoo.

Tangles and Frizzies

Your hair should feel soft, look shiny, and have few – if any – tangles after shampooing. If your hair tangles easily, is limp, frizzy or difficult to style, it’s time to find another shampoo.

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