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Gramercy Hair Salon

Summer Hair Colors

Everyone needs a change from time to time and with lockdowns out of the way, many people are celebrating with a new hair color. There are numerous shades and combinations from which to choose, whether you just want to change it up a little or go for something bold. Warm hair colors are still trending.


The sun-kissed look of the beach is always in style. Many are choosing to go blonde with a mix of butter and honey tones.


Light ash blonde will be prevalent, contrasted with strands of white or ash balayage. It’s a nice accompaniment for those with light skin. There are multiple ways to go with ash, from light to dark. The darker version has a slight, soft grayish tint.


The golden color of ripe wheat looks natural and is actually a combination of three shades. Those with light complexions can mix platinum, caramel and ashy highlights. Individuals with darker skin tones can leave the roots dark for an authentic appearance. For a truly unique look, consider a lemon-yellow tint or a golden gray.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne is a great way to celebrate and when combined with sombre, it creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

Strawberry Blonde

For those that are torn between blonde and a bold red, go with strawberry blonde. Natural strawberry blonde is extremely rare. The color is highly fashionable, features a reddish tint mixed with blonde, and provides a dash of spice. Individuals may also want to consider a faded ginger.

Chocolate Ice

The color combines rich chocolate hues with an icy blonde ombre. It’s ideal for anyone with dark hair that doesn’t want to go blonde, but wants to spice it up.

Rich Brown

Brunettes have multiple hues from which to choose, from chocolate and the comforting shades of dark roast coffee to golden brown.

Glossy Black

Shiny, glossy black is an excellent way to stand out from the rest. Traditionally associated with a sexy seductress, it’s a vibrant hue that shouldn’t be underrated.

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