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Gramercy Hair Salon

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Summer Highlights for all Hair Colors

When summer arrives, the highlights come out. Traditional highlights typically include some combination of blond or auburn, depending upon the individual’s natural hair color. The makers of highlight colors are becoming more creative in the choices they offer consumers and there’s a whole new spectrum of colors that are being used to great effect with all hair colors.

The bold new colors shouldn’t be attempted with home highlight kits. Highlighting with these colors can be as light or dark as desired, but should only be done by a professional stylist to ensure the correct shade is achieved.

Silver and pearl are no longer colors reserved for women of a “certain age.” The highlights are finding favor with individuals of all ages and provide ample opportunities for exploration in various ways without going gray.

Peach is also in season, offering multiple levels of shades – including apricot – to compliment any skin tone.

No one needs to be a mermaid to take advantage of coral highlights. The red-orange of coral is equally appropriate for light and dark hair colors.

For adding dimension to curls, sandalwood brings out the natural textures of thick hair and darker shades.

Chocolate and caramel are more than delicious treats. They’re prime highlight colors available in various shades. It looks natural, gives a diffused appearance, and can be especially alluring around the face area.

Instead of covering roots that are growing in, many individuals are deliberately emulating the look. It’s a trend that calls for little work or touchups should stay-at-home orders be reinstituted.

Strawberry blond highlights are an ideal way to liven up blond tresses without completely changing hair color.

Another highlight color that’s popular is honey. It can be applied in various hues so no one has to go too dark or too light. It’s a head-turning color for blondes.

For those that want to travel in the steps of a number of celebrities, try e-girl streaks. The stripes of bleached hair on either side of the face can create a striking look, particularly on dark hair.

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