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Taming Hair in the Humidity

Anyone can get a case of the frizzies, particularly in the humid South Florida climate. Those with naturally curly hair can find the condition especially frustrating. Hair begins to frizz when its moisture level is less than that in the air. As hair absorbs humidity from the surrounding air, it alters the bonds in the hair fibers and frizz occurs.

To tame unruly locks, it’s important to know when and how it happens. Frizzies tend to occur when humidity levels reach 70 percent and over. Hair also tends to be less manageable in the mornings after styling routines. Hair products and heat styling makes hair more porous and it begins to soak up moisture from its surroundings like a sponge.

A bad hair day caused by humidity can look different, depending on the type of hair a person has. Frizz doesn’t always appear as a writhing Medusa mass. For some individuals, it may exhibit as limp, lifeless locks. Those with curly or wavy hair often claim they look like a poodle in high humidity.

One of the effective ways of taming the mane is by utilizing a good conditioner to replenish moisture and fill the hair’s pores with nutrients. Hair will absorb ambient moisture at a slower rate and styles will remain fresher longer.

Unruly hair can be controlled into a more disciplined manner with a curling iron or flat iron – just avoid high heat. Turn the temperature down, try to stay below 370° and use a heat protection spray. It will distribute heat from styling tools more effectively to prevent hot spots.

Humidity-resisting hairsprays available today won’t create the hard, lacquered appearance of the past. They provide hold and will endure even in high humidity levels. An added benefit is that they contain no alcohol that will dry tresses out.

When the humidity rises, it may be an ideal time to try a new look. Most styles go against the natural texture of the hair, which can make it more difficult to control. Oils and serums can provide definition without the need to use heat to tame humidity hair.

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