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Gramercy Hair Salon

Balayage salon Boca Raton Florida

The Beauty Of Balayage

Balayage is far from being a new trend in the world of hair color, but it continues to grow in popularity.  Named after the French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint”, this freehand coloring technique creates a lightened effect on the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair, provided a stunning, natural sun-kissed look.

With very little regrowth to worry about and incredible color that works on straight and curly hair, Balayage is a beautiful way to let your inner radiance shine.

Bespoke Beauty For Everyone

Because of the way Balayage is applied, no two color treatments are ever the same.  This means that your hair will have a completely unique look and the colors will be custom mixed to suit your skin tone.  Such exquisitely created custom-made color was previously reserved for celebrities and the fashion elite, but now Balayage has brought beautiful personalized color to everyone.

Perfectly Mixed Tones To Suit Every Hair Color

A skilled colorist will be able to find the perfect tones to match with your hair and to enhance your complexion.  Whatever your natural hair color is, there will be a way to add natural looking mid length highlight to make you look amazing.

Platinum Balayage Hair – By adding clean, clear blonde balayage that packs a punch, with beige blonde highlights at the center and snow white ends, you can perfect your ice queen look in no time at all.

Light Blonde Balayage – By using champagne strands and silver highlights, you colorist can instantly add a shimmering effect for naturally blonde hair, that catches the sunlight every time you move.

Medium Blonde Balayage – Also referred to as  “Bronde”, this mixture of chocolate browns and light cream highlights  gives a fresh, modern take on old fashioned low lights

Dark Blonde Balayage – Instantly liven up darker shades with thick steaks of smoky blonde that produce a stunning contrast against your natural brunette tones.

If you want to go for something more dramatic, balayage can be used to create eye-catching, unusual shades for those that really want to stand out in a crowd

Watercolor Balayage – Perfect for those looking to blend of high fashion and natural charm, dramatic colors can be blended to produce a funky, fashion-forward look.

Gray Balayage – Gray is the new black, but rather than going grey all over, add tones of  slate, steel, violet and grey shades to produce a “gray-dient” effect on the ends of your hair.

Red Balayage – Add an extra natural-looking dimension to red hair tones with a warm base color of auburn or chestnut, and then add balayage highlights in lighter tones of strawberry and toffee.

Balayage Is The Ultimate In Low Maintenance Perfection

Unlike all over color, balayage is extremely low maintenance.  The sun-kissed look leaves softer, less noticeable regrowth and you can for many weeks before you even have to think about topping up your color.

Balayage At Gramercy Hair Salon

We are experts at providing natural looking color transitions with no harsh lines.  Add multidimensional color and change your look without doing anything drastic, and feel great again.  Call us today on 561.600.9594 to book your appointment with our color specialists.

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