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Gramercy Hair Salon

The Best Cut for Long Hair

Long hair is viewed as a symbol of youth, health and sexiness. Long hair has been prized since the time of the Greek and Roman dynasties where it was considered the ultimate sign of femininity and equated with wealth and social status. Many of those perceptions are still true today and people with long hair have a multitude of cuts and styles with which to experiment.

Layered Cut

Also known as a razor cut, it has maintained its popularity from the 1990s. It has a timeless look and is considered one of the hottest cuts of all time. It’s a cut that utilizes a straight edge razor to create wispy strands and thinner ends. It’s a chic look that was first popularized by actor Jennifer Aniston on the sitcom Friends. A shag haircut is a type of layered cut that utilizes strategically placed layers. Kim Kardashian is known for her layered cut.

Long & Short

This cut is great for anyone that wants to keep their long locks, while experimenting with a shorter appearance. It lets individuals keep their long hair in back and shorter in front. It’s a textured look that can be customized in multiple ways.

Straight Cut

A straight cut, also known as a blunt cut, is exactly that – hair that’s cut straight all the way around, all the same length. It opens up opportunities for wearing hair in multiple styles without sacrificing long locks.


Individuals can leave their hair long and use bangs to change up the look. Bangs can be short, long, flirty or messy. They can be straight across the forehead or swept to the. Singer Taylor Swift is well-known for her use of bangs while maintaining her long hair.


A tapered cut is ideal for those that frequently experience split ends. It’s a cut that was traditionally associated with men, but women are rocking the powerful and sexy look for themselves. It leaves hair longer on the top, usually about 4 inches, and gradually becomes shorter and shorter at the sides and back. A fade can be added to the back and sides.

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