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Gramercy Hair Salon


The Pixie

Summer is here and the pixie haircut is making an appearance everywhere you look. It’s an easy-care, low-maintenance hair style that’s cool in summer and known for giving its wearers a youthful appearance. The pixie style has evolved significantly with more ways to personalize it to clients’ individual desires. The name is reminiscent of fairies, elves, and Tinkerbell, the companion of the ever-youthful, Peter Pan.

Pixie History

First introduced in the 1950s, it became a sensation when legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn, wore during her film debut in Roman Holiday. Actress Mia Farrow sported the style in her movie Rosemary’s Baby in the 1960s. It became the signature cut of British supermodel, Twiggy, in 1966 when she was just 16. Iconic TV and film star, Goldie Hawn, brought the style back in 1986 when she was a regular on the TV show Laugh-In.

Customized Style

The pixie of the past had a single cut style. Today’s pixie can be customized to be flirty, sophisticated, sleek, messy or edgy. Wear it with or without bangs and/or sideburns. It can be cut in layers, shorn shorter on the sides, and left longer on top than a traditional pixie.


A pixie cut is equally attractive on women of all ages. While a pixie looks best on oval, round and heart-shaped faces, it can be customized in various ways enabling anyone to wear a pixie with flair and confidence. It dries quickly and individuals will spend far less time in styling tasks. Pixies also look great with a bold splash of hair color. Women are wearing the pixie with the heart of a warrior.

Star Power

The cut has lasting star power behind it. Actress Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame made headlines in 2010 when she traded in her long, flowing locks for a pixie cut. Multiple celebrities have rocked the pixie cut including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Lupita Nyong’o, along with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Cardi B., Tyra Banks, and Viola Davis. No one is too old or too young for a pixie. It’s an enduring cut that’s always stylish.

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