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Gramercy Hair Salon

boar brush

The Top Benefits of a Boar Brush

Boar bristle brushes are deemed essential for healthy, shiny hair. As the name implies, the bristles are made of boar hair. Similar to human hair, boar bristles contain keratin, the same as human hair. The hairs are shorn, not plucked, from the boars multiple times throughout the year. The brushes provide the following benefits.

  1. The soft bristles allow hair to glide through the brush easily for less damage and breakage.
  2. The bristles massage the scalp and promotes circulation for healthier hair.
  3. The brushes distributes natural hair oils more evenly throughout each strand of hair.
  4. A boar bristle brush gently removes dead hair strands without pulling or breaking.
  5. The bristles close the hair cuticle to create greater shine by reflecting the light that shines upon strands.
  6. The brushes don’t tear or split hair.
  7. Using a boar bristle brush can help pregnant and post-menopausal women that are losing their hair by stimulating growth.
  8. The brushes are great for gently detangling hair. It’s an excellent way to remove tangles from children’s hair.
  9. Flyaway hair is minimized with a boar bristle brush as it doesn’t generate static electricity.
  10. Boar bristle brushes are all natural, free of harmful chemicals, and handmade.
  11. A boar bristle brush has an impressively long lifetime.

Hair brushes have been made from materials encompassing wood, bone and animal hair for centuries. Hair brushes were constructed of easily obtainable materials in the natural environment. The most popular were brushes fashioned of camel hair or the hair from a horse’s mane or tail.

In modern times, relatively speaking, William Kent founded Kent Brushes in Hertfordshire, England, in 1777. He manufactured the devices with wood and bristle made of feathers or animal hair. The method required 12 individuals to craft a single brush. The first patent for the modern boar bristle brush was filed in the U.S. in 1854 by Hugh Rock.

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