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If there’s one item that every woman needs in her makeup bag, it’s mascara. Even on days when you feel like being all natural, no concealer, foundation, etc., a light coating of this stuff will keep you looking fresh. Get ready to boost your beauty, with these top 5 mascaras’ along with some Gramercy tips and tricks.

Ask anyone, and they’ll likely tell you that mascara isn’t a luxury it’s a “must have”! We have a few of our favorites that you must try and tell us what you think. Here’s the list of the five we’ve selected along with why we felt they could be in the top-5.

1.)    Maybelline’s Great Lash

2.)    MAC’s False Lashes

3.)    Urban Decay’s Perversion

4.)    Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume

5.)    NARS Smudge Proof

Great Lash – is a timeless secret that has been placed in a classic category for a reason. It never gets a bad review because this formula has remained consistent for decades. The best part of this method is its ability to be applied evenly without clumping.  Used best after two days of opening, this mascara is perfect for coating the lashes without looking like you have spider eyes.

MAC’s False Lashes – can make even the most tired eyes look brighter in appearance. Extreme Dimensions is one of the best for extra length, perfect coverage and it doesn’t feel like you have paperweights on your lashes. This product carries a conditioner that makes your lashes get stronger with use. Warning: You may be accused of having beautiful eyes after trying out this excellent accessory.

Urban Decay’s Perversion – this chic product has been rated as an Allure Magazine favorite. Extreme volume, with a large applicator giving you ultra-thick eyelashes making you stunning. If you want to keep it all-natural, this isn’t the right tube of mascara for you. This potion will give you extreme and dramatic lashes.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume – you won’t miss one single lash with this extremely creamy version. The price points it excellent if you buy it through ULTA. However, the most beautiful part of this is the selection of shades and color. Try the deep-black for tarantula eyes.

NARS Smudge Proof – What most people will tell you about this tube is how awesome the super full effect can get. The creamy substance can be easily applied without any sticking. The worse thing many of you will agree about is when you get the perfect coverage only to have your lashes stick together creating the ‘sparse but thick’ issue. You won’t get that with this formula.

Okay on for the tips. Before purchasing, be sure to get a date for the product. Shelf life matters with mascara as it can become thicker as time passes. Not only is this bad for application, but it’s also dangerous as the chemicals can go wrong.

It’s important to remember to throw out mascara after a month so you can avoid contamination.

Next, be sure to wipe on an old but clean washcloth when the substance becomes as thick as cake frosting. The results will not be good for you, as it will clump together. By wiping on the towel, you are getting rid of any unwanted blobs.

By picking a few mascaras to try, you can find the one that best suits you and your lashes. Don’t forget to check Pinterest for additional tips and tricks.

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