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Top 5 Things That Damage Your Hair

Damage to the hair is never a good thing, and that’s something we can all agree on when it comes to our hair. Any hair type, color, or cut can benefit from moisturizing treatments to prevent split ends and breakage, no matter what your hair type, color, or cut may be. There are many things we do to our hair daily that might harm our tresses (such as heat style and harsh brushing), so it’s critical that you not only take care of your hair but that you do it right.


  • Chemicals That You’re Not Supposed to See in Your Hair Products


Would you willingly apply chemicals to your hair, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, isopropyl alcohol, and polyethene glycol? It’s a fact that the most majority of hair care products on the market today include a cocktail of harsh chemicals and silicones that do little more than temporarily soften and shine your hair. These chemicals, on the other hand, have a negative impact over the long term.


  • Styling With an Excessive Amount of Heat


Using hot tools on your hair is a sure way to dry it out quickly, resulting in frizzy, split ends. When you can, let your hair air dry instead of blow drying it, and experiment with twists, buns, or braids to go heatless a few days a week.


  • Using A Comb on Damp Hair


When your hair is damp, it is most brittle, making it most prone to damage. Instead of combing knots right out of the shower, let your hair air dry for at least half an hour before doing this.


  • Using The Same Hair Products Repeatedly


Regularly used hair care products leave a residue and buildup on your scalp, making them less effective over time as your hair becomes used to them. Every month, give your hair a fresh start with a clarifying shampoo or alternate products to fit your needs in your regular hair regimen to prevent your hair from becoming too used to a particular product.


  • Using Improper Shampoo and Conditioner May Damage Your Hair.


As a result, not all shampoos are made for the same types of hair problems, so knowing what your hair objectives are before shopping is critical. Do you apply a lot of hair products every day? To avoid buildup on the scalp, use a clarifying shampoo. Do you have a problem with dry hair? When washing your hair, use honey or oil-infused shampoo to provide moisture to the strands.



It is virtually difficult to avoid all hair damage, but there are a few easy steps you can do to keep your hair feel and look great without giving up your favorite blow dryer!

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