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Gramercy Hair Salon

Top Hair Color Trends for Fall 2023

Autum hair colors are traditionally rich and warm and there’s an array of trends from which to draw inspiration this year. With the impending darker hues of the winter months comes a desire for color. Trends include pink, purple green and ice white. The following are just some of the many options you’ll be seeing for fall 2023.

Pumpkin Spice

A perennial favorite, the shade is back for fall and still making waves. The combination of red and brown provides locks with a multi-tonal appearance. Choose vibrant red hues to create a truly luminous look.

Color Blocking

One of the fastest growing trends for fall is color blocking. It creates a vivid show-stopping look. One example is neon yellow color with hand-painted emerald green on under locks.

Gemini Hair

This is an edgy look that makes a statement. The two-toned-look typically utilizes normal hair color and combines colors such as blue, pink or purple for a stunning style.

High Contrast Balayage

The technique remains popular, but with bolder painted on colors.

Ice Blond

Always striking, the light shift that occurs in autumn is especially flattering for this color and is beautifully reflective.

Bold Face Framing Highlights

The range of color for face framing is going bolder to combat the dullness that often occurs with winter skin tones. Ribbons of bright color are added to give an instant boost of radiance.

Black and Blue

For the adventurous, an almost black hair base is combined with dark purple, amethyst highlights.

White Chocolate

It’s almost a platinum, but has a richness that most blonde shades never achieve.

High Gloss

Especially popular for brown-black hair, rich black colors are utilized to create a mane that’s glossy and eye-catching.

Burgandy and Black

A more vibrant color than auburn or copper, burgundy is especially striking when combined with a natural black or dark brunette color. The result is a unique black and red shimmering mane.


Hair is being frosted in a multitude of colors. The most popular hues are ice, pink, purple, blue, and green that’s striking any time of the year.


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