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Gramercy Hair Salon

Top Tips for Traveling with Hair Products

While your new vacation wardrobe needs the perfect hair and makeup to finish off your fancy look, you really don’t want to have to drag the entire contents of your bathroom with you when you go away.   By carefully planning which products you really need, and which ones you don’t, you can still have great looking hair anywhere in the world.

Scale down your hair care collection, but keep on top of your game with our guide to what to take with you when traveling:

  1. UV Protection Sprays

Your perfect vacation may be spent lying on the beach and languishing in the ocean, but both of these things can be incredibly damaging for your hair.   You wouldn’t spend all day under the harmful rays of the sun without applying sunscreen, so why would you leave your hair exposed without protecting it too?

While your hair will not burn in the sun the same way your skin will, UV rays have the ability to sap it of moisture, shine, movement and color in just a matter of minutes.  Keep your locks looking and feeling lovely with a UV protection spray or mist that should be applied to dry or damp hair regularly throughout the day. If your vacation is likely to last a week or more, see if you can also pack a hair repair masque in your case, to help rehydrate and moisturize the scalp and follicles.

  1. Swimmers Shampoo

Salty water or chlorinated pools can both play havoc with your hair.  A quick dip in the ocean can turn your shiny hair into a dull mop in minutes.  Saltwater sucks the moisture out of our hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle, while chlorine can make it feel limp and lackluster.

To prevent this from happening, apply a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment before you hit the beach that will help to keep moisture locked in.  You should also take a small bottle of swimmers shampoo with you if you are planning on spending long hours in the pool, as these are designed to gently remove all traces of chlorine and pool chemicals from your hair.

  1. A Color Protection Product

The heat of the sun can strip and fade colored hair super quickly.  To ensure that your lovely locks maintain their radiance, you will need to take a specially formulated color protection product with you.  Leave-in conditioners add a protective layer that will help to keep your color looking fresh.  If your hair is already dry, you may also want to add an oil-based layer to keep it soft and supple too.

  1. Anti-Frizz Serum

Humid weather, wet weather and even the damp air of the mountains can turn your silky-smooth hair into a big ball of frizz.  Counteract this risk, by applying an anti-frizz serum to damp hair every day.  Tying your hair back can also help to stop the hair rubbing together and producing the friction that causes that unattractive frizz.

  1. Leave your hair dryer at home

As hard as it may be, there are many great reasons why you shouldn’t take your dryers, flat irons, curlers and other appliances on vacation with you.  Firstly, who wants to take up precious space on their suitcase with bulky electrical items anyway?  Why not add more cute bathing suits for the beach, or throw in extra layers for the slopes instead?

Secondly, keeping your hair in good condition is key to looking frizz-free and perfectly polished while you are away.  Give your hair a break from the hot air of your dryer, and instead opt for top-knots, up-do’s and french braids to keep the frizz at bay without having the heat to style it.

Finally, you are on vacation!  Don’t be a slave to sitting under the dryer for hours, get out and go exploring.  If you really need to get away from the damp feeling, invest in an anti-static towel for quick rub-dry’s or take a basic travel dryer to take away the worst of the moisture.

Get Vacation Ready at Gramercy Hair Salon

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