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Gramercy Hair Salon

Trending Nail Colors and Styles

Autumn is quickly transitioning into winter and a wide array of nail options are already being seen as individuals prepare for traditional festivities such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Almond and ballerina shaped nails are popular. The following are just some of the colors, styles and artwork that are trending.

Animal Prints

From measured leopard patterns with interspersed glitter to the elegant black and white of a cow pattern, animal prints and artwork remain popular. Those that don’t want to go full-on animal are choosing animal prints for nail tips, while leaving the rest of the nail bare.

Deep Shades

Deep shades of blue are making powerful statements without being overpowering. Dark red and green hues are festive options for the holiday season.


From swooping curves to polygons, geometric designs of all types are being incorporated into nail art. The most popular color pairings to date are pink, white and black, along with pink, red, and black.


The glamour and sparkle of glitter is back in a big way. Used over the entire nail or as an accent, it’s an easy effect that can be recreated at home. The glitter can be used over the entire nail or just the tips for a chic and minimalist look.

Mix and Match

An increasing trend is a mix and match approach that alternates two or three colors – primarily pink, black and gray – for those that prefer more muted hues. Individuals that want to go big and bold are choosing red and purple combinations. Some are paring the colors with understated artwork or geometric shapes.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold are an elegant, eye-catching pairing and often coupled with touches of white or glitter for a luxurious look. Both styles are being combined with artwork of the season such as snowflakes.

White and Black

Black, triangular nail tips and white near the nail base is popular in France. In the U.S., many women are using their nails to spell out sentiments, causes, and ideas that are important to them.

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