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What Type of Brush Should I Use for My Hair?

No matter if you’re blow drying your hair or just smoothing out a few flyways, the kind of brush or comb you use can change the outcome. In this blog, we point out the different types of brushes and combs and when it’s best to use each tool to help you make your selection.


Finding the right comb for your hair may not seem difficult, but not every comb or brush is suitable for every type of hair or every style application.

  • Wide Tooth Combs are best for longer hair. They work well to detangle and separate hair strands. Be sure to use a mist of leave-in conditioner with UV Protectant when spending time outdoors.
  • Rattail combs are excellent for shorter hair and styling. Use this type of comb for parting strands and for separating larger sections such as when your braiding.


While brushing the hair is one method for creating the look you most desire, your brush is yet another. When blowing out the hair, there are several methods as well as tools. Select the appropriate brush for the type of style you’re looking to achieve.

  • Paddle Brushes are great for detangling. They are also perfect for blow drying curly hair to make it straighter. If you have hair with a lot of body or that’s a combination of both straight and wavy, this is the best selection for you to get smooth locks.
  • Round metal brushes are good for those with nappy or curly hair. You can achieve beautiful looking waves or curls when using this with your good dryer.
  • Round brushes made with plastic or material other than metal are super good for hair that is shorter including bobs and lobs.
  • Teasing Brush does just that. For those who have thin or fine hair, use this brush for back combing and adding volume.
  • Organic Natural Brushes made of wood are not only perfect for massaging the scalp, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing and make a great ornament on any vanity.
  • Scalp Brush or Detangling Brushes help to detangle the hair quickly. However, a wide tooth comb is often the better choice.

With all this information for you to consider, it should be easy for you to select the tool that is just right.

Speak with your stylist during your next appointment to learn more about the type of hair styling tools that’s ideal for your doo!

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