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Gramercy Hair Salon

Using Concealer Effectively

When you are born with next to perfect skin, things like makeup, cover-up, foundation, and concealer may seem unnecessary. However, using these cosmetics can enhance the appearance of the skin without looking over-done. In this week’s blog, we give you a method of using concealer to hide flaws and make your skin look luminous.

  1. Moisturize
  2. Primer
  3. Powder
  4. Concealers
  5. Finish

When you live in a place such as South Florida, wearing make-up can frequently seem daunting. Weather and climate aren’t always on our side when it comes to having just the right foundation application as perspiration is inevitable. Be sure to keep your sun lamps off when you first get out of the shower. Apply an even amount of moisturizer and don’t forget to use sunscreen. Even though your makeup may say there’s protection against harmful UV rays, don’t stop there. Another reason to use moisturizer is to help your makeup distribute more evenly. Don’t forget to let your lotion soak into the skin before going onto the next step.

Next Primer is applied. The priming substances are a bit different than moisturizer as it’s made from silicone-based polymers which will grab onto the makeup and keep it intact throughout the day. (Be sure to test any products on your skin for allergic reactions)

Now that you’ve applied the primer, it’s time to powder up! Use a powder that matches your skin tone or one that goes on transparent. Powdering sets the primer and will allow the concealer to soak into the skin with a matte finish.

Select a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a shade lighter for the highlights and glows spots. Pick one that is a shade darker to contour.

After you’ve used a good powder, use your concealer actually by applying in a ‘V’ shape under the eyes and toward the nose. Don’t stop there. Apply to the bridge of the nose, around your smile lines and a dab under your bottom lip on the chin. Blend well with a sponge or your ring finger. Other good places to apply concealer is under your eyebrows as well as above them and along the sides of the nose. Also, choose the darker shade of concealer and blend well under the cheekbones as well as the temples.

Once you’ve applied and blended the concealer, finish your look with a powder or setting powder.

By using this method for concealer, your skin will look fresh and illuminating. This treatment can be utilized no matter what your age and never looks fake or cakey.

If you have questions on using cosmetics or help with applying makeup, stop by Gramercy Hair Salon and speak to one of our cosmetologists.

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