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Ways to Curl Your Straight Hair

If you have straight hair there are so many ways to change your look. With a little practice and the appropriate styling tools, you can add anything from waves to super bouncy curls. Part of the magic of transforming straight hair into luscious curls is in how you prepare it.

The following are tips on how to get the curl you want. Not everyone’s hair responds in the same way. Some straight hair willingly holds any curl you put in it – or you may have hair that aggressively fights any effort to tame it.

Mist and Mousse

Damp hair can be prepped by raking in some mousse before curling it in the desired style. Be sure to mist afterward with a wave spray. Much like muscle memory, the application of mousse and wave spray are both designed to help your hair “remember” the shape it will be trained to hold.

Diffuser Attachments

Instead of blow-drying with a round brush, use a diffuser attachment. It will help add texture and coax any curliness your hair might secretly harbor. If you don’t have a diffuser, rough dry it by hand.

Spray and Curl

When hair is completely dry, mist it with a “super hold” hairspray formula. Run a brush through it to break up the hairspray and start curling. It’s critical to use a smaller barrel than what you want the curl in your hair to be, since as your curls settle they’ll loosen up and appear larger.

Work with one-inch sections of hair and hold them on the iron slightly longer than you think they’d require. Don’t just drop them when they’re done. Let them cool in your hand for a bit. You can also pin each curly coil to your head while it’s still warm to help it hold its shape.

Putty Scrunch

Avoid applying oils and serums, dry shampoos or shine enhancers to your hair. They’ll undo the work you’ve done. After you’ve removed any pins – if you’ve used any – apply another layer of hairspray and use a wide-tooth comb to break up the curls. Scrunch a small amount of hair putty into the ends to add hold. The more you handle your hair after you’re done, the quicker it will lose the curl. A silk pillowcase does wonders for helping you retain your curls while you sleep.

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