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Gramercy Hair Salon

Wedding Hair: Updo or Down?

Everyone wants to look extra special on their wedding day and an updo is the most common request for an elegant look. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle.


If your wedding gown has a higher neckline, you should choose an updo. With a higher neckline, hair typically looks best if it has a slightly tousled appearance rather than a style that’s severe. Either updos or long hair is appropriate if your wedding gown is strapless. If you choose a strapless gown, either style is appropriate. If you choose to wear your hair long with a strapless gown, go with loose waves for a flowing and feminine appearance. Earrings are better for high necklines rather than a necklace.

Signature Style

Incorporating your signature style into your wedding day hair is an easy way to feel comfortable and look special. You can add accessories such as flowers or gems to enhance the look, or add a little wave or curl. Keep in mind that fine and extremely straight hair that doesn’t hold a curl well is going to act the same on your wedding day and even professional stylists can’t change that.

No Rules

There’s no rule that says an updo is preferable to wearing your hair long. Any stye that’s swept back from the face will show off high cheekbones and a radiant smile, including styles that are worn long and pinned back. Even a simple part change can make a big difference and if you have curly or wavy hair, let it flow.

Having your hair professionally styled for your wedding day won’t change who you are. Your matrimonial hair enhances your look, while allowing you to be yourself. Two of the most important aspects of wedding day hair is your comfort and confidence levels. If you’re not accustomed to wearing an updo, it can cause additional anxiety trying to keep it pristine, and that’s not something you want on your wedding day.

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