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What Is Ionic Technology 

These days it’s not just the speed and temperate you have to consider when looking for a new dryer, it is also the vast amount of technological research that goes it producing appliances are “healthy” for your hair.  Modern day appliances don’t just dry hair, they also leave it smooth and frizz free and help to improve the overall health of your crowning glory.  Choosing your next hairdryer could be a difficult decision indeed!

We all want great looking hair that can be heated and styled every day but still looks healthy and shiny. Can technology help us make our hair dreams come true?   The Ionic technology used in hair dryers has been cleverly designed to help our hair dry super-fast while keeping it frizz free and gorgeously glossy.

Still not sure?  Here is our ionic hairdryer 101 that explains exactly how and why this revolution in beauty technology really works.

What is Ionic Technology?

The science behind Ionic hairdryers is actually pretty basic.  An “ion” is an atom or molecule that has either lost or gained one or more electrons after an interaction with another positively or negatively charged particle.  This happens during a process that is called “ionization.”, which turns those same atoms or molecules into negative-free electrons.

Why choose an ionic hair dryer?

When it comes to applying this kind of science to our hair, it means that these free electrons or negative ions work in several different ways:

  1. Decreased Drying Times

Ionic technology is able to break down the water particles in wet hair, which in turn causes the water to evaporate quickly and speed up drying time.  This process is so efficient, using an ionic hairdryer can cut your drying time in half.

  1. Less Damage to The Hair

Ionic hair dryers are gentle on the hair.  They use less heat than a regular blow dryer, and the increased drying time means that your hair is not blasted with hot air for any longer than necessary.

  1. Reduced Frizz and Static

Negative ions great for anyone with frizzy hair.  Ionic technology helps to neutralize the static charges and tighten the cuticles, to produce a smooth and shiny frizz-free finish.

  1. Soft, Shiny Hair

Those clever little negative ions are also super clever when it comes to locking in moisture, making your hair look and feel silky smooth.  Ionic dryers also help reduce the hair’s surface tension, leaving your strands less prone to tangles.

  1. Light Weight and Long Lasting

Ionic hair dryers tend to be smaller and lighter than traditional dryers, making them easy to use and perfect for taking away on vacation.   They are more durable than non-ionic hairdryers as they are generally made using higher quality units that should last you for many years to come.

Will an Ionic Hairdryer Work for Everyone?

Depending on your hair type, an ionic dryer could completely transform your beauty routine and the way your hair looks and feels.  Different hair will respond in different ways, but as a general rule:

Thick Hair – The faster drying process is great for thick/coarse hair, as is the dryer’s ability to reduce frizz.

Frizzy Hair – By closing in the cuticles and locking in moisture, ionic dryers make the hair more resistant to the demon frizz.

Flyaway Hair – Ionic hair dryers seal the cuticle to help you achieve silky hair, free from pesky flyaways.

Long Hair – The decreased drying time is good for everyone, but especially those with very long hair.

Curly Hair – Ionic dryers are great for curly hair, as once again they help lock in moisture and achieve silky, frizz-free curls.

Visit the Ionic Experts at Gramercy Hair Salon

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