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What Layers do for Your Hair

Long and lush locks are great for children, but adults have different needs. While shorter hair and bobs are in style, they can also be combined with layers. They’re one of the most popular looks for women of a certain age and younger women are adopting the cuts due to their versatility.

Layers create volume

Layers can be created in a variety of ways to flatter any facial structure. Layers established at the roundest part of the head creates more volume on the top. For those that prefer a softer appearance, choose layers below the shoulder level. Layers at this length will also allow for more movement at the tips.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a thick mane, layers above the shoulders will lighten the weight and enable hair to move more freely. If your hair is fine, never go for heavy layering. Hair of medium thickness will be less likely to hold its shape with longer styles and layering can help with styling.

The texture of your hair will have an effect on the way that your stylist creates layers. Even with layers, hair that’s straight will still require some type of hot styling tool, depending on the look you’re trying to create. Coarse hair is usually layer-friendly. Hair that’s damaged can benefit from layers and help it recover.

If your hair is wavy or curly, you have multiple choices. Wavy hair can be cut in layers at every length. It’s particularly appealing when layers are utilized on short or mid-length locks. If you have hair with tight curls, layers can help you in the effort to tame them. Layers are typically created where curls are the thickest.

It really doesn’t matter what length your hair happens to be, layering can enhance your look and make your locks more manageable. At one time, layers meant a shaggy look that was often referred to as “bedroom hair.” Today, adding layers will enhance your appearance – but without the shagginess that was popular in the 1970s. Layers are a trendy look that’s being adopted by an increasing number of celebrities that must be camera-ready at all times.

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