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Gramercy Hair Salon

What to do with Long Hair when Working Out

Long hair is luxurious and can be the perfect look for a night out on the town, but it does nothing except get in the way at the gym. It swings, bounces, and gets in the eyes. It gets sweaty, it’s distracting, and an unattractive look. Take heart – there are a number of options that offer a more appealing remedy.

The simplest solution is a ponytail and the one chosen by most people when they work out. However, tightly cinching it isn’t good for hair and can cause breakage. Instead of making the ponytail at the back of the neck or midway up the back of the head, try gathering and securing it closer to the crown.

A better option to the ponytail can be a braid. They’re easy to create, stay secure, and several styles of braids can be plaited. Go full-on Rhonda Rousey with boxer braids.

Another style that may appeal is the twisted double bun. Far from the Princess Leia look, it places a bun on each side of the head lower and toward the back of the head.

A standard fold-over in the back near the crown with a headband to hold it all in place is an easy fix. It’s an easy way to control long hair during a workout.

Another gym-friendly style is the classic top knot bun. It’s easy to do, takes little time to create, and is extremely effective at keeping long locks out of the way.

No matter what style people prefer to keep the hair out of their face during a workout, it’s important to select a style that they can quickly and easily create themselves without too much effort. It may even take some practice at home to get the selected style down to a rapid routine. It will allow individuals to workout in comfort without worrying about what their hair is doing.

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