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Gramercy Hair Salon

What to Look for in a Hair Stylist

Stylists have technical training in providing different types of cuts and styles, but finding one that delivers exactly what you want can be difficult. The following are some tips you should consider when seeking not just a good stylist, but a great one.

Ability to Listen

A great stylist truly listens to what you envision for your hair and makes you feel comfortable. That’s not where listening skills end, however. A great stylist will ask questions in regard to such things as your lifestyle, how much time you’re willing to devote to maintenance, and things you like and dislike about your hair. Listening is especially important if you’re seeking a radical departure from your current style. Look for a stylist that will take the time to provide a consultation before the cutting begins.


Not every style is a good fit for you. Instead of simply replicating a style in a photo, a superior stylist will be honest with you about the maintenance requirements or if the style isn’t complementary to your facial features.

Creating Trendy Styles

Those seeking a trendy or edgy style can encounter difficulties if the stylist doesn’t have the artistry to produce it. If you see someone with a hairstyle you’d like, don’t be reticent about asking who did their hair and the salon.

Technical Skills

Level 4 stylists are at the pinnacle of their craft. They have exceptional education and technical skills. They provide you with more than just a haircut. They’re able to incorporate flourishes that makes your do stand out.


Great stylists are able to work with a variety of hair types and adapt the style you want to your particular need. All hair is not created equal. Choose a stylist that specializes in your hair type, whether its kinky, coily, straight or curly. The same is true if you’re considering extensions or color changes.

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