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Gramercy Hair Salon

Where to Part your Hair

It’s official – Gen Z has taken to TikTok to declare side parts are to be relegated to the past as an anachronistic symbol of the “establishment.” The salient point here is that the very people Gen Z teens are condemning as being uncool with their side part is the generation that was wearing center parts when many of their parents were barely older than they are now – and some never really gave it up.

Just like every other trend, middle parts have come and gone throughout history. The center part was popular in the 1920’s flapper era, the disco age of the 1970s, and during the tech advances of the 1990s. Gen Z claims a center hair part looks more professional, demonstrates that an individual has put extra effort into doing their hair, and provides a sleeker and more balanced appearance.

Part of the appeal of a center part for Gen Z can be attributed to celebrities and social media influencers. Where you part your hair will rely on multiple factors – whether you tend to follow new trends or if you want to find the perfect part to frame and flatter your face. Professional stylists suggest the following tips for parting your hair.

Diamond – Stay away from bangs and go with a side part. It highlights cheekbones and a strong facial structure. Short hairstyles are a good choice for diamond-shaped faces.

Heart – A deep side part is a friend if you have a heart-shaped face. It works to soften cheekbones and break up a pointy chin line.

Oblong – Consider bangs and/or a middle part. The part and bangs confer the illusion of roundness.

Oval – This face shape can rock any part. It’s the most versatile whether it’s a middle, side, or deep side part.

Round – If you have a round face, a center or deep side part will create symmetry for your face and provide the illusion of length. Shorter lengths, no matter where the part is, will be flattering.

Square – Sideswept bangs with a side part complement a square face and works to soften the appearance. A side part that’s not too deep is beneficial for elongating features.

Whether you want to follow the teen trend or you just want to part your hair in the most flattering way possible for your facial structure, there are dozens of ways to individualize the look. No matter where you put your part, the emphasis should always be on feeling confident in yourself and looking your best.

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