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Gramercy Hair Salon

Why Add Extensions

A bad haircut, short hair and new options are just some of the reasons why you may choose to add hair extensions. They’re a great way to try a new hairstyle before committing yourself to the stylist’s chair. They’re extremely popular with celebrities around the world to get the glamorous looks seen in magazines.  If you’re undecided about whether to invest in hair extensions, here are the best reasons to consider them.

Bad Haircut

Everyone has a story about a haircut gone horribly wrong. Hair extensions are an ideal way to disguise the unwanted cut. They provide temporary cover until your hair grows back.

Flat Hair

Some people just lack volume, no matter how well they care for their hair. Hair extensions provide volume, fullness and body to limp locks.

Thinning and Loss

Hair extensions provide an easy way to add extra thickness to your hair if you have naturally fine hair or it’s thinning. They also work for those that are experiencing hair loss due to medications or medical conditions.

Poor Hair Growth

If you’re one of the millions of people whose hair won’t seem to grow past a certain length, hair extensions can give you the long locks you crave. An iron deficiency or thyroid problem can result in slow growing hair that also sheds before it should. Check with your physician on the way to get your extensions.

Change the Color

Changing up your hair color can be fun. If you’ve always wondered what you’d like in a different shade or entirely different color, hair extensions can make that dream come true with a non-permanent solution. You can add highlights of any color without damaging your hair or exposing it to chemicals.

Special Occasions

We all have social obligations and special events to attend and hair extensions can help you look your stunning best. They can be arranged in a variety of styles to fit any occasion. They also provide a myriad of ways to experiment and the range of options are almost endless.

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