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Gramercy Hair Salon

Why Hair Type Matters When Buying Products

The way an individual’s hair looks is important to their self-confidence. It’s also a factor in presenting a professional appearance. Part of hair care for individuals is knowing what type of hair they have and buying products that complement their hair type.

Purchasing the wrong products can create problems and make any existing issues worse. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to separate the truth from slick marketing campaigns. Look for natural products that don’t contain chemicals.

Price doesn’t automatically mean better or higher quality. Companies pass on the cost of their advertising and marketing budgets to consumers through the cost of their products. It’s always a good idea to consult with a stylist.

SLS and SLEs

Beware of shampoos that create mountains of suds. They’re chemicals that are designed to foam, and in many instances, they’re the same ingredients used in household cleaning products. There are many products that use coconut-based materials that produce suds, are gentle and water soluble.


For soft hair, products can contain PEGs (polyethylene glycol), synthetic petroleum-based chemicals. PEGs give products a silky smooth and creamy feel and are added to make tresses feel smooth, but they can be contaminated with carcinogens. A better solution is moisturizing products containing oils of argan, avocado, jojoba or olive.


Just about everyone has heard of the antimicrobial chemicals known as parabens. Their primary function is to extend the shelf life of water-based products. A healthy alternative are oil-based products that contain natural oils such as baobab or Abyssinian.


The synthetic chemicals are used in sprays, mousses and gels to provide hold without making hair stiff. They’re compounds that are also used to make materials such as vinyl and PVC pliant and flexible. Instead, choose products with botanical oils and butters. They provide hold without heaviness.

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